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The Rock for the Green Lantern?

Social Media at its best?

By Robert T. Trate     February 06, 2014
Source: IGN

Will John Stewart land in Man of Steel Sequel?
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Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson going to be the Green Lantern in the Justice League movie? Or perhaps make a cameo in Batman vs Superman? Well he would have you think he is the Green Lantern via Twitter and Instagram. Back in December "The Rock" Tweeted the following statement (below). This lead many to think that he would play Lobo or perhaps even Darkseid.




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Higgy 2/6/2014 10:49:25 AM

He seems kind of....humongous to play Green Lantern.  You'd think they'd use his gigantasism for something else like Darkseid or Lobo as you said.  Or someone else that's huge.  I mean he's bigger then Henry Cavill size wise as well as height wise.  It would look kind of funny having this really tall Green Lantern who uses his ring and not his muscles to get things done.  The only really big muscley Green Lantern is Killawog.  But hey, anything could happen.

scoxocs 2/6/2014 10:54:34 AM

 Black Lightning? Black Vulcan? Steel??

thezillaman 2/6/2014 12:11:21 PM

 Don't know don't care just hope it turns out bad ass.  Why not green lantern ? Or lobo yes I can so picture him as lobo more than anything else.

xenomorph 2/6/2014 12:28:50 PM

 Defenitly see him as John Stewart/Green Lantern. Also heard that he might play Cyborg.

nightwing33 2/6/2014 12:54:53 PM

For the last time. he shouldn't be Green Lantern.. Michael Jai White should be Green Lantern.. Let the Rock play Cyborg.. He's the right size for that... Or Lobo since Steve Austing is too old. Or Black Adam, but that won't happen because Man of Steel was made. Not mad though.. I still have hope for a Capatain Marvel Movie..

CaptAmerica04 2/6/2014 1:17:05 PM

Yes, he's a little big for the part, but he could just stop lifting and ease down a few shirt sizes for the role.  I'm fine with it, honestly.  I mean, it COULD NOT be any worse than Ryan Reynold's take on Hal Jordan!!!!

monkeyfoot 2/6/2014 1:19:48 PM

He is always my favorite to play Doc Savage in the movie that director Shane Black will be directing. That's the only superhero role I wish he would do.

kinetoscope 2/6/2014 5:20:03 PM

 The Green Lantern never did the peck pop of love... But I am a Rock fan. The guy is cool, His efforts in the F&F series have been good. He has become a better actor over time. Adding him to the cast is good, #ifyousmell 



DarthBob 2/6/2014 8:08:49 PM

Rumor has it that Paul Bettany will play The Vision in The Avengers 2!  If true, awesome news!

Modo 2/6/2014 8:14:11 PM

Oh dear.  Come on DC, just take a breath.  You can't beat Marvel right now, so just take it easy and don't muck up your movies.  At the very least make GL a stand-alone reboot.  The worst thing they can do is overload Man of Steel 2 with too many "new" heroes (and villains for that matter) then rush into a Justice League movie.

If I were WB / DC,  I'd say scrap the whole Superman vs. Batman movie (for now), make a strong MOS2 with a Supes vs. Luthor / Metallo storyline, scrap the hideous Gotham prequel TV series, and introduce Affleck's Batman in a standalone reboot (or a Batman / Gotham TV mini-series) so it will actually MEAN something to the audience when Cavill's Supes and Affleck's Bats finally do meet...  

Unfortunately, I'm smelling what the Rock (and WB) is cooking, and it smells gross...   

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