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The Rock for Terminator 5?

A natural choice!

By Robert T. Trate     June 23, 2013

Does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have the golden touch? Hollywood certainly believes so. The Rock has made a career out of stepping into established properties and giving them a boost. Everything from the The Mummy Returns to G.I. Joe Retaliation. Now it seems as if he might join the Terminator franchise as well.
The  WWE Examiner (via AICN) is reporting that Warner Brothers is courting Johnson to appear in the fifth installment of the Terminator franchise. A franchise that recently reacquired Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nothing is official yet, as it pertains to Johnson. 
The Examiner is reporting that, “Terminator 5 will be set before the birth of Sarah Connor and focus on her parents in the 1940s and 50s. This scenario would once again involve a Terminator(s) being sent back in time to kill a target, only this time it's decades before the attempts on Sarah and John Connor”.
A premise that was lightly touched upon in the failed Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series.
What do you think Maniacs? This is a natural fit for the franchise. Perhaps Arnie will play an old Terminator who has sent too far back and has aged considerably waiting for the birth of the Connor family. Only time will tell. 


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Wiseguy 6/23/2013 10:12:00 AM

I want the Terminator to keep going back further in time til by chance they end up killing someone influential in the chain leading to creating skynet and blam they prevent themselves from ever being created in the first place.

But yeah I'd see another sequel for sure. Let the Rock cause some mayhem, could be fun

DarthBob 6/23/2013 1:00:44 PM

Terminator 10, a terminator goes back in time to blow up the Mayflower as Sarah Connor's great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents attempt to travel to the new world.

thezillaman 6/23/2013 1:40:54 PM

 that's cool and way diferent in a way. The rock is bad ass and i love arnie also. Don't care much for the haters , there will always he haters that's just the way it is.

samson 6/23/2013 3:11:07 PM

Ever since I saw Drive Angry, I've thought William Finchter would make a great Terminator. sort of in the vain of Robert Patrick.

With that said, The Rock would be a great addition to the franchise.

nightwing33 6/23/2013 5:59:07 PM

Ok that's just plain dumb.. Just bring Christian Bale back and continue the Freakin Trilogy like MC' G wanted to do.  .. C'mon.. Bring Back Arnold if you want or even the Rock. Let him be a new Prototype Terminator I guess. The Time thing has been done.. 40's and 50's? Really?. What happen to all the good ideas..

VTGamehendge 6/23/2013 6:19:56 PM

Yeah, I just don't know.  Obviously I'll watch whatever they decide to put out (at this point I think the suits have figured that out with this franchise), but another time travel back to the '40s/'50s to terminate Sarah's parents?  Doesn't seem very original.  I would be a lot more ok with that idea if they did kind of two stories in one movie where it goes back and forth between what's happening in the '40s/'50s and what's going on with the war in the "future."  Just pick up where Salvation left off and incorporate what's going on in the past and tie it all together.  Maybe show what happens when someone in the future gets killed in the past and like disappears in a puff of dust or something.  Or maybe some like flashbacks kinda.  Or something. 

Everyone get all that?

SarcasticCaveman 6/23/2013 7:25:30 PM

 Wait, The Rock was supposed to be a BOOST to "The Mummy Returns"?...huh.  Anyway, while I agree with Nightwing that this basic premise sounds stupid, neither do I want them to continue with anything relating to "Salvation"...that movie was a total disappointment to me.  I'm really not sure I want them to do anything with The Terminator right now.  This idea of going even further back in time just doesn't make sense to me, and the Christian Bale future being so disappointing to me...I honestly don't know.  I'm not the biggest fan of reboots, but maybe one could be in order in 20 years or so.

SarcasticCaveman 6/23/2013 7:40:14 PM

 If they insist on going ahead with another movie, I would much prefer they sweet "Terminator: Salvation" under the carpet, like so much "Superman III" and "Superman IV", and start over with a "new" sequel.  I think a more interesting idea for a story might be something like this:

Before I get into my plot idea, I'm going to briefly discuss my view of time travel in the Terminator universe.  I view Terminator time travel the same way I view the time travel in Babylon 5 - necessary to fulfill the timeline rather than causing alterations, such as in Star Trek.  I still contend that if Reese weren't sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor, then John would never have existed in the first place.

I think an interesting premise might be that Skynet realizes this, and makes it their mission to try to stop him from going back in time in the first place...see some better Terminator action in the future, which is what "Salvation" really tried to do.

Muenster 6/23/2013 8:02:09 PM

A back to the future thing. This ought to be fun.

DarkXid 6/23/2013 9:33:55 PM

 LOL - Muenster, with your profile pic, I just couldn't stop laughing thinking about Norman Bates handing the keys to this back to the future thing.  Thinking this might end badly.  Thanks.

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