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We look at the upcoming ROCKY game and chat with Mr. T

By Troy Roberts     August 12, 2002

Mr. T yelling at some fool at E3 2002
© Rage Software

One of the main games that stood out to us at E3 was Rage Entertainment's ROCKY. And that really had nothing to do with us being able to interview the spokesperson of the game, Clubber Lang himself, Mr. T.

"Well, I was just minding my own business, and I guess the angels got to working somewhere," says Mr. T. "And somebody contacted my agent and my agent told me about it, and was I like 'okay'. And then my agent started working on it a few months ago, and I liked the concept, I like what it's about, so I said 'sure, count me in'. So, here I am. This is my first connection with it, and I got the chance to play the game, you know, and that's important because I wouldn't want to be telling people about the game that I never played. So I got a crash course this morning. I got to play it with the thumb, boom, boom, boom, and I loved it. And this is special to me, because I'm not an electronic buff. I don't have a computer, or a game system. But I will be getting this at home."

Rage Entertainment has done a good job with working on the ROCKY game from what we've seen. There will be about 20 playable characters in the game, including Rocky, Apollo Creed, Tommy Gunn, Ivan Drago, and of course, Clubber Lang.

When asked about his role in the game, Mr. T had some nice comments.

Rocky beating up on Apollo Creed

"Well, I just told them to make me look good," Mr. T joked. "I pity the fool who make me look bad. I told them to watch all my movies, make me move right, and they did a pretty good job."

There is a Movie Mode in the game, which basically is Rocky's career mode based on the movies. He is the only playable character at the beginning, but as you go through the career mode and beat other boxers, they become unlocked and thus playable. You start off fighting nobodies, then move up to Apollo Creed. Another cool thing about the game is that each fight takes place exactly where it took place in the movies. When you fight Drago, you're in Russia. And so on...

Another cool thing is the ability to train Rocky. After every match, you get the chance to train Rocky in different areas, such as speed, strength, stamina, etc., and each has its own "mini-game" of sorts to train with.

While we had Mr. T at E3, we drilled him on another one of his acting identities - B.A. Barracus from the A-TEAM, and the possibility of a video game about it.

"I don't know. You know, they were talking about an A-TEAM movie, but without us," Mr. T says. "I said 'Hey', and they said they're going to get new guys. I said 'I pity the producer who tries to make an A-TEAM movie without the regular guys. We still here, we ain't dead. I pity the actor who thinks he can play the B.A. character. I'll personally come over to your house and break your legs, fool! That'd be the most dangerous assignment he'd have in acting. You can't replace Mr. T, fool!"

Well, he's certainly not a guy we'd like to mess with. All fooling aside, Mr. T was a really nice guy, and being the spokesperson for a game like ROCKY suits him just fine.

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