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Rogen talks Kato and 'The Green Hornet'

    June 30, 2008

Seth Rogen told that Kato is the true star of the 'Green Hornet' franchise:

"To us it was just kind of this funny notion that when you say 'The Green Hornet' to people, the first thing anyone says is, 'Hey, Bruce Lee played Kato in that show.' We've always wanted to make this hero sidekick movie," Rogen said. "That was always an unexplored area to us and for years we've actually been trying to write a movie that was about a hero and his sidekick

"Then when we heard that 'The Green Hornet' movie was up for grabs we thought that could be the most perfect way to do this story because he is the only kind of hero who's sidekick is actually more known than he is. We kind of thought that it would be a good way to tell this relationship story and just do a big crazy action movie basically."

Click through for more comments from Rogen and Evan Goldberg about the project.


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