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Rosario+Vampire Season 2 Manga Due

Announces already solicited manga release

By Chris Beveridge     March 18, 2010

Rosario+Vampire Season 2
© Viz Media
Viz Media lets fans quench their desire for stories of the undead with the premiere of the sequel to Akihisa Ikeda’s smash hit manga series ROSARIO + VAMPIRE. ROSARIO + VAMPIRE: SEASON II will be published under the Shonen Jump Advanced imprint and hits stores nationwide on April 6th with a ‘T+’ for Older Teens rating and a MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN.
In this action filled series, average teenager Tsukune accidentally enrolled at a boarding school for monsters – no, not jocks or the popular kids, but bona fide werewolves, witches and other unnamable denizens from of his wildest nightmares! On the plus side, all of the girls have a major crush on him. But on the negative side, all the boys are so jealous they want to kill him! And so do the girls he spurns, because he only has eyes for one of them – the far-from-average vampire, Moka. Still, on the plus side, Moka only has glowing red eyes for Tsukune. But on the O-negative side, she also has a burning, unquenchable thirst for his blood!
“They’re sexy, they’re undead and unlike any student body you’ll find!” says Elizabeth Kawasaki, VIZ Media Senior Editorial Director. “The popularity of the vampire genre has exploded in the wake of films like Twilight and TV shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, but it’s also long been a favorite subject for manga. ROSARIO + VAMPIRE: SEASON II continues to find Tsukune’s life at Yokai Academy anything but normal. Readers will want to hold on tight to the page, and their souls, with this exciting new action comedy release from VIZ Media and Shonen Jump Advanced!”
Creator Akihisa Ikeda debuted in 2002 with the four-volume magical warrior fantasy series KIRUTO, which was serialized in Japan in Monthly Shonen Jump magazine, which later went on to feature ROSARIO + VAMPIRE beginning in March 2004. ROSARIO + VAMPIRE also spawned an animated series and a drama CD, produced by studio GONZO.


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