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Ross, Dini Team Again

Dini talks Wonder Woman and the Joker.

By Rob Allstetter     November 13, 2001

Alex Ross artwork from WONDER WOMAN: SPIRIT OF TRUTH
© 2001 DC Comics

WONDER WOMAN: SPIRIT OF TRUTH, due in stores on Wednesday, is the final in a series of oversized holiday one-shots by Alex Ross and Paul Dini, but it won't be their last team-up.

"While the big books are over, Alex Ross and I are going to collaborate on a new Joker story for an upcoming BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE anthology due out next year," Dini says. "It's going to explore the notion that, insanity pleas to the contrary, Joker is in full command of his mind, knows exactly what he's doing and truly enjoys the misery he inflicts on innocent people. Sort of a case study of a criminal who may or may not have been faking madness for years."

Dini says he and Ross are proud of SPIRIT OF TRUTH.

"In many ways we are coming full-circle with this story as we have Wonder Woman face a situation not unlike the one Superman dealt with in PEACE ON EARTH -- how can a hero best serve so many people in need?" Dini says. "Diana learns, as Clark did, that the traditional superhero approach to human issues is not always the best answer."

"Alex and I are both happy that DC is letting us finish out this final story as we had planned. After Sept. 11, there was some concern that the end would have to be drastically changed or scrapped all together. We had decided well over a year ago to do a story that would put Wonder Woman into a number of global situations where she could strike out against real-life intolerance, hatred and human cruelty. The final situation finds Diana fighting to free a number of women hostages from a war-torn desert country.

"Parallels to the war in Afghanistan will no doubt be made, though when we plotted out the story, we had no specific country or military conflict in mind. Though she disguises herself briefly as a soldier to get close to the hostages, Diana's mission is for humane reasons rather than political."


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