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Rourke drops IRON MAN 2?

PLUS: GREEN LANTERN, CONAN, THOR and more in your Comics2Film 9.2.19

By Rob M. Worley     February 19, 2009
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Mickey Rourke Iron Man Slideshow
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Mickey Rourke says he's not doing 'Iron Man 2'. PLUS: 'Green Lantern' movie makes project. Casting talk for 'Conan' and 'Thor'. 'Dark Knight' wins again! Here to do whatever it can, it's your Comics2Film 9.2.19!



DARK KNIGHT Wins Publicity Award

As amazing a film as 'The Dark Knight' is, equally amazing was the intricate hype machine put together by Warner Bros. Flash mobs, bus tours, automated phone calls, global scavenger hunts all supported an interlocking array of dozens of websites designed to draw fans into the world of the film, teasing and gradually revealing its elements.

Warner Bros. publicists were rewarded for their efforts at the ICG Publicits's showmanship awards last night. Check out The Hollywood Reporter for a rundown of the night's events.



GREEN LANTERN on the Fast Track?

SCI FI Wire chatted up screenwriter Michael Green, who is co-writing the upcoming film adaptation of DC Comics' 'Green Lantern'. Things are looking good for the the filmed adaptation of DC's long running superhero.

"'Green Lantern' seems to be moving ahead," Green said in a conference call with reporters on Wednesday while promoting his upcoming NBC series 'Kings'. "I love the material. I was fortunate enough to get to adapt something that I've loved for a long time.

They have a director [GoldenEye's Martin Campbell] attached to it now and seem to be moving forward, they being Warner Brothers. And I hope they do, because, as a fan of [the character and title], I just want to see the movie."

As do we all, sir.


Calling all THOR Hopefuls

The recently relaunched Corona Coming Attractions has scored a casting side for the 'Thor' movie which reveals details about the film, and the leading man the filmmakers have in mind.

Here's what the castings sides call for:


Physically powerful, very handsome, occasionally egotistical, petulant, and wild. A natural warrior with a quick charming wit who must be genuinely and severly humbled before becoming the compassionate, mature [hero] of our film.

The start date of filming is given as July and the wrap is September.

One wonders if Marvel and director Kenneth Branagh are taking note of the extended guerrilla campaign being waged by one James Preston Rogers, the beefy, blond, long-haired actor who recently appeared in the Viking pic 'Outlander'. The would-be wrestler has been staging an extended public audition online, connecting with fans of FaceBook and whipping up support for casting him as the Norse Thunder God.

Here's a stop on his Thor tour, where he talked to MTV news about the possibility:

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Mickey Rourke not in IRON MAN 2?

The 'Iron Man 2' casting blues continue. New York Magazine's Vulture gossip column reports that Oscar-nominated actor Mickey Rourke will not appear in Marvel Studios and Jon Favreau's sequel.

Vulture chatted with Rourke at the Domenico Vacca fashion show and quizzed him about the movie.

"Right now, we're not doing 'Iron Man 2'," Rourke said grimly.

The key phrase there is "right now", which suggests Rourke is still open to the role, but the right deal would have to be offered.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Ratner says new CONAN will be an unknown

Brett Ratner's next project won't be 'Conan' or even 'Youngblood' but rather 'Beverly Hills Cop 4'. Still MTV Splash Page couldn't resist asking the director about his plans to bring Robert E. Howard's barbarian back to the big screen.

Ratner said, if he has his druthers, Conan will not be portrayed by a big Hollywood star.

"I believe it should be an unknown," Ratner told MTV News. "Conan is kind of iconic. It’s kind of like when you do Superman."

The direct also says he's not worried about how his new leading man will compare to California Governator and former Conan Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Look, it’s difficult to fill those shoes," Ratner said, "But they came up with a new Batman, they came up with a new James Bond, you know?"

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



SUPERMAN Celebration Doc Oniline

'Heroic Ambition' is the upcoming superhero entertainment documentary, produced by HeroicWorld Productions. This film was written by Scott Cranford, founder of Cranford was the official "Superman" of Metropolis, Illinois for eight years.

Co-directed by Cranford and filmmaker Kevin James, Heroic Ambition uncovers the ambition of the city of Metropolis and the people surrounding the Annual Superman Celebration.

Check out the film's website at Here's the trailer...





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Wiseguy 2/19/2009 7:31:22 AM

I'm ambivalent about Rourke in IM 2. We don't even know who he was supposed to play but I don't doubt that someone else can do the job. I don't blame Marvel for being frugal, they did borrow this money and can't throw money around like some of the bigger studios IMO. I'd like to know the amounts being offered and demanded so I can get on my soapbox and assign blame.

On a side note, my condolences to Rourke. I understand he lost his best friend and companion of the last 18 years, his little chihuahua. May he rest in doggie heaven.

That guy sure looks the part to play Thor the question is does he have the chops. I haven't seen any of his work but if he can act I'm all for him getting the role. I was leaqning towards K. Durand but he's already playing the Blob and I doubt that Marvel would cast him for a second character.

Conan should be an unknown or at least a barely known. No one will ever fill Arnie's shoes.

Hobbs 2/19/2009 7:54:26 AM

I feel the same way about Rourke wiseguy...we didn't even know who he was playing. This movie will be a blockbuster so I'm sure they can find another actor to play the part without no matter who they get in that part we are all going to see it regardless of who it is.

That guy looks like Thor, wow...I heard he did but actually seeing it...give him the hammer and he's set.

fuckyoumania 2/19/2009 7:59:02 AM

I think the Thor movie needs someone with acting chops and not just some beefy guy who looks the part. That and I think the casual moviegoer would be drawn in with, say,  Viggo Mortenson wielding the hammer instead of some complete unknown. The last time we got an unknown as the lead of a superhero movie, we got Superman Returns.

almostunbiased 2/19/2009 8:21:54 AM

I'm ok with no Rourke.

And I think Thor is lame, so can't get excited about that.  Wish they didn't have him in Avengers.

And I though he did a fine job in Superman Returns.  He was a great Clark and Supes.

Viggo as Thor, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that was a joke right?

Wallace85 2/19/2009 9:12:32 AM


You know I'm not gonna even say anything about the whole Rourke thing I'm just gonna wait till we get actual confirmation on who's going to be in it besides  the main cast and who's playing who.

I'm down for James Preston Rogers as Thor definitely looks the part don't know anything about his acting skills though.But I'm always all about giving unknowns a shot it worked for Christopher Reeve playing Superman don't see why it shouldn't work for this guy.Personally I always saw a somewhat seasoned actor to play Thor.My top choice is Ralf Moeller from Gladiator and Beerfest he be perfect in my mind.2nd choice would be Vladimir Kulich from the 13th Warrior who was the viking leader who died at the end and was the Swede in Smokin Aces and my 3rd choice is Alexander Skarsgård who is Erik in Tru Blood and Iceman in Generation Kill.Plus these are actors that are at least '6'5" or over.

Ha ha ha ha that's my good buddy Tim on that Superman video clip he's  the one talking about it being the San Diego con of the Mid-West.

xenomorph 2/19/2009 9:37:33 AM

I always thought that Tyler Mane would be an excellent choice for Thor. He was very impressive as sabertooth in X-MEN and as Michael Myers in Halloween. But this James Preston Rogers guy does have the look and a knowledge of the character. He may be worth a shot.

Knowing brett ratner, he'll probably cast chris tucker as conan. Robert E. Howard is spinning in his grave.

fft5305 2/19/2009 9:59:48 AM

Skarsgård would almost be perfect.  He just needs to bulk up a little.  But he's got the look, he can act, and he's at the right level of fame that they could get him for a bargain price.

Not overly concerned about Rourke. I wasn't too psyched about him in the first place, and I'm sure they'll find someone else to play the part. After the first movie, I've got a good bit of faith in Favreau that he will make the right decisions.

sportwarrior 2/19/2009 11:02:21 AM

Didn't know Kenneth Branaugh was directing Thor...  That's pretty cool.  He could put an interesting spin on things.

Can't say I like that guy for Thor.  I doubt highly he has the chops to play a lead in a big budget movie.  Plus I think it'd be too much of a "WWE's Thor" type of production with him in it.  Might as well just get John Cena with long hair.

Too bad about Rourke, but like everyone else has said we didn't know what part he'd play anyway.  I'm a little worried about casting at this point, though.  They were able to nail everything in the first one so well.  Now they can't seem to get their first choice for anything.  I'm sure it'll all work out well, but it makes it tougher to find that Robert Downey-esque perfect match for a role.

BlindJustice 2/19/2009 11:21:34 AM

I had the same thoughts about Kulich (13th warrior) but was pointed out to me that he is in his 50's and Thor is a much younger character. My money would be on Skarsgard, be does a goo job ob T B. There was a scene where he silences Bill and the look he gave was very God like. In the end Marvel & Branaugh will make the best choice even if it is a wrestler as Thor is a very over the top hero.

Oh and Tenchichan, there have been several unknowns who have stepped into characters and made them...Reeve as Superman, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Arnie was unknown  to most when he did Conan just to name a few

jetpackjesus 2/19/2009 2:27:51 PM

Obviously Mark Pillow should play Thor.  Who didn't he impress as Nuclear Man in Superman IV?

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