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Rourke for Sin City 2

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Rourke for Sin City 2

and for Motor City

By Robert T. Trate     August 07, 2012
Source: Deadline

Deadline ( is reporting that Mickey Rourke is in talks to join Gerard Butler in the Albert Hughes-directed Motor City for Joel Silver’s Dark Castle. The drama, which centers on a man who is double crossed and seeks revenge on the guy who put him behind bars and took his woman, will be distributed domestically by Warner Bros. Rourke is also now in negotiations to make a return trip to Sin City 2, the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller sequel. He’ll reprise his role of Marv, the hulking tough guy with a soft spot for women. 


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fatpantz 8/7/2012 10:51:54 AM

No one else can play this role.

MrEt 8/7/2012 11:55:07 AM

Agreed, a cast change for Marv just would not sit well with the audience, and I'd be hard pressed to name someone I would be willing to see fill those shoes.

monkeyfoot 8/7/2012 12:19:32 PM

Russell Crowe probably could do it.

I personally have no great need for a Sin City 2. The first was a great piece of filmmaking in taking a graphic niovel scene for scene to the screen, but I have no need to see it again this many years later. I haven't read the books so I don't have any particular affection for the characters.

Crodfits 8/7/2012 12:37:46 PM

I remember them talking about cutting Marv out of the story before replacing Rourke, but i could be wrong. I personally liked Sin City a lot and would love to see them make a second one but it wouldn't be the end of days if they didn't either. I would however be pretty angry if they replaced Rourke, when i think of sin city he's the first thing that comes to my mind.... well that and elijah wood getting eaten alive with that creepy smile on his face.

InnerSanctum 8/7/2012 1:43:35 PM

 I thought we already heard that Rourke was signed on for SC2?  I believe he has been listed in the cast for forever on IMDB. 

I've got mixed feelings about a SC2.  I really enjoyed the first one for its innovative approach.  But, what would a sequel really bring to the table?  

lazarus 8/7/2012 4:45:30 PM

Why is this not a porn flick yet?

SmokingFrog77 8/7/2012 7:36:04 PM

A sequel just about Marv, played by Mickey Rourke, would be cool.

Dazzler 8/8/2012 5:16:31 AM

Wow this is taking way too long.  Guess it worked for Matrix. 

Calibur454 8/13/2012 1:59:42 PM

HELL YEA!!! :))



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