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ROY ROGERS Trilogy Coming

Roy Rogers will ride onto the silver screen again.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 15, 2009
Source: Variety

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
© Roy Rogers Entertainment Group

Can a revised Roy Rogers on the silver screen re-capture the glory of yesteryear? The 821 Entertainment Group and Roy Rogers Family Entertainment Corp. hope so because they're planning to have the heroic Rogers ride again in a King of the Cowboys film trilogy along with other medium launches such as animated TV, interactive game and merchandising efforts.

Instead of releasing the new films as the traditional western we remember, 821's CEO Eric Geadelmann says the plan is to mix the Roy Rogers brand name with "a family fantasy adventure. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger are quintessential figures of America, and we will introduce this franchise to a new audience while capitalizing on the millions of Roy Rogers fans worldwide."

Gaedelmann said Rogers was the personification of the heartland and family values that 821 Entertainment was formed to produce and finance films on. The top Western box office star from 1943-1954, Rogers made more than 88 films with Evans and Trigger; produced and starred in 100 episodes of his own TV show; and appeared on more than 400 licensed items, with 120 million comic books sold.

Can Roy Rogers find his glory once again with today's audience? Chime in below.


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StarlightGuard 6/15/2009 8:40:03 AM

what? really?

ahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! you must be joking!!!!

what's next, rebooting Duck Soup and the other Marx Bros movies for a new generation?

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know.

Wiseguy 6/15/2009 10:19:43 AM

Are the Roy Rogers' chain of fast food restaurants still in business. There used to be some where I live but they were shut down or sold years ago.

I can see this working

NotAFan 6/15/2009 11:30:18 AM

THis is the stupiesdt thing I've ever heard. BTW They already rebooted the Marx Bros., in a 1992 movie called Brain Donors! John Tuturro played Groucho! ANd I loved ROy ROgers Burgers! Hated when they shut down!

Flint521466 6/15/2009 11:46:01 AM

Hail Hail Freedonia.....

Riddick316 6/15/2009 12:56:56 PM

Yeeee Haaaaa ride 'em cowboy.  save us from the Hollywood execs.

SinCity 6/15/2009 3:02:31 PM

Yea, I agree with the other posters.  This is kind of a funny and dated franchise.  Still, if done well, it might've worked, if not for that "family fantasy adventure" thing....

FilchX 6/15/2009 6:13:23 PM

Family values Western? Now I'm not that old(child of the 80's) but I've never seen a western that was good that was family freindly, maybe old yeller, this has epic failur all over it.

fft5305 6/15/2009 9:51:16 PM

There are a few independently run Roy Rogers still around.  Mostly at rest stops on the interstate.  But there are a few others.  The chain was bought by Hardees several years back, I believe.

snallygaster 6/16/2009 3:32:08 AM

There's actually one small pocket of Roy Rogers restaurants in my area. When Hardees took over Roys, one franchise owner held out in selling, and instead of selling Roy Rogers to Hardees, the franchise owner actually bought out the Hardees in this region, and either converted them to Roy Rogers restaurants or shut them down. Since then, the franchise owner bought the full rights to the Roy Rogers Restaurant trademark, and has rebuilt the franchise into a successful regional chain.   

The idea of rebooting Roy Rogers as a film franchise is not gonna work. Franchises from that era - especially ones which have had few if any revivals over the years - have been doomed in their reboot efforts (Little Rascals, for instance). There's also something sort of creepy about these revivals of franchises based on the originals' star (including the Farrelly's upcoming Three Stooges reboot).

If a company is trying to create a family-friendly cowboy franchise, I wish them luck because they face an uphill battle to begin with, given the failure of most attempts to revive the Western. But for cryin' out loud, why not try coming up with something new or adapt any one of the thousands of cowboy novels or short stories which have never been to the big screen? I know, it comes down to "brand name recognition".

braveheart79 6/16/2009 8:32:42 AM

Hey Wiseguy you know it's funny you ask. I live on the central coast of California, near San Luis Obispo, but I have family in Bakersfield. The Crystal Palace is the Roy Rogers restaurant there in his home town. Is this the ones you're talking about?  My Dad's family is from there and I went to the Crystal Palace for the first time a couple of months ago. Not bad.

It's too early for me to tell if this will work or not.



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