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Rucka, Beckinsale present 'Whiteout' to Comic-Con crowd

By Laura Ellison     August 06, 2007

At the Warner Bros. Panel at Comic-Con, producer Joel Silver, comic writer Greg Rucka, director Dominic Sena, and star Kate Beckinsale presented 'Whiteout', an upcoming film adaptation of Rucka's graphic novel of the same name.

They gave the audience the world premiere of the trailer for the film, which centers on a U.S. Marshal named Carrie (Beckinsale) who must investigate a murder in a place where "humans were never meant to survive": Antarctica. From the looks of the trailer, the film looks like it is going to be a very chilling (no pun intended - well, maybe it was intended), psychological thriller/who done it? But of course, those who have already read the graphic novel know how this one ends.

Whiteout Movie Poster featuring Kate Beckinsale

Speaking of, in response to a fan's question, writer Greg Rucka discussed the transition from novel to screen, and how inevitably changes must be made (which is not always a bad thing). As he explained, "they [the filmmakers] got rid of all of the stuff that wasn't best, and turned it into a movie. There were things that [illustrator] Steven Lieber and I would have loved to have done on the comic book page but that would just never have worked on the page - and I remember watching the dailies for this film, and thinking, Steven and I would have LOVED to have done that, but it just couldn't be done in a comic. And without me even telling them, they had instinctively put a certain moment into the film, and done it in a way that made me jealous - I wish I could have done that!"

So needless to say, Rucka is very pleased with this adaptation.

Not all of the discussion on this panel, though, was serious. In response to fan question, it was revealed that Kate Beckinsale loved to tell raunchy jokes on set, that Beckinsale will be covered up in a big parka for most of the film (sorry, fanboys), and that Kate does indeed enjoy doing genre movies like "Underworld" where she wears tight spandex ("Is that bad?" she giggled).

The filmmakers revealed, though, that the character of Lily Sharpe - the only other female character in the story beside's Beckinsale's U.S. Marshall - has been changed into a male character for the film, because "it accentuates the fact that Carrie [Beckinsale] is predominately surrounded by men", and thus the pressure on her is increased.

Rucka also updated fans on the film version of his other indie comic, 'Queen and Country'. That one is still churning through development hell as the production company that owns the rights to it are currently "sitting" on said rights and nothing has moved forward. Bummer.

Fortunately, though, 'Whiteout' is ready, and scheduled to be released this coming Winter, 2008. Here's hoping Hollywood did a good job with this one!


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