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Rucka Talks Whiteout, Q & C

By Rob M. Worley     February 01, 2002

Comic BookResources big-shot Jonah Weiland recently sat down with comic andnovel-writing big-shot Greg Rucka to talk comics and movies. The result is a RealAudio interview currently running on CBR.

Comic fans knowRucka as one of the voices motivating Batman each and every month.He also pens creator owned titles like Whiteout and Queen& Country, both of which have been optioned for movies.

"Queen& Country has been optioned by Fox for Tall Trees Productions,"Rucka said to Weiland. The pic was optioned last June. Part of the deal was thatRucka would write a treatment with a possibility that he'd also do thescreenplay.

"They havea treatment. They are waiting on a screenplay decision as to when to beginwriting it," Rucka said. "It is moving forward. That's in a strongerposition than Whiteout."

Whiteout,Rucka's murder in Antarctica comic, was optioned late in 1999 by Columbiapictures. Wolfgang Petersen and Gail Katz (both of The Perfect Storm)are producing under their Radiant Productions partner.

"We're kindof in a holding pattern there. It was optioned. One screenplay was done, then itsort of stalled out," Rucka told Weiland. "The original Radiant[Productions] deal was with Columbia, they are no longer in a deal withColumbia/Sony.

"I actuallygot a fax a couple of weeks ago of another take on the project and you know,there've been all sorts of vacillations there and alterations made," thewriter continued. "One version has Carrie with another guy as opposed tothe Lilly character. That seems to be the first thing that everybody says, 'Thatgoes!' Because people won't come to see a movie with two women leads...'"

Rucka blames thenervousness about female leads on Hollywood's tendency to pigeon-hole concepts."Hollywood has a real, real long memory for things that have been donebadly. For instance, "V.I. Warshawski" has killed, absolutely, anyopportunity for a female P.I. story in Hollywood. People are very nervous aboutfemale private investigators based on a film that's now well over ten yearsold."

For more fromthe extensive interview including many insights into Rucka's comic works, pleasevisit Comic Book Resources.


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