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Chopsaki 7/30/2010 2:44:31 PM

I didn't care for Ang Lee's Hulk either. I found Bana & Nolte both miscast though I wish we could get rid of William Hurt and bring back Sam Elliot who was perfect as Ross. Ruffalo should do a solid job.

almostunbiased 7/30/2010 3:00:28 PM

Mark is a good actor, but I just don't care for him.

ponyboy76 7/30/2010 4:57:59 PM

I just couldn't get behind Ang Lee's version of the Hulk. There were just too many things wrong with it and he took too many liberties with the source material. I still think Lee is a great director "Ride with the Devil" is one of  my favorite movies, but he shouldn't have touched the Hulk.

I liked Willaim Hurt but I do think that Sam Elliot really nailed Thunderbolt Ross.

I can not wait for Smallville. It just looks awesome. Who the hell was that dude Clark was meeting with under the tree?

ultrazilla2000 7/30/2010 4:58:14 PM

I'm glad this "American Jesus" movie is on hold (or killed!)...we have enough Jesus movies, and I'm sure this one would just stir up trouble anyways.  There's just no reason to make movies featuring religious icons unless they are portrayed according to their original stories...otherwise, just grow some creativity and make a new character to fit the intended storyline.  The bullshit in Hollywood (or the world in general) where it's ok to do whatever they want with one religious figure (Jesus) yet act like huge quivering pussies over another (Prophet Muhammad) needs to end.  I say just leave them all alone and focus on the billions of other things they can work with.

Ozymandas 7/30/2010 6:38:46 PM

Way too much info on Kick Ass 2!

gauleyboy420 7/30/2010 10:29:00 PM


I think Jennifer Connely had breast reduction surgery... so unfortunately she will never get her Rockets back, um I mean Rocketeer look back



Unfortunately, there are some themes that can only be portrayed by offending people by using sacred figures... I'm all for it, BUT I do agree whats good fo rthe goose is good for the gander, and Mohammed is fair game as well.

krathwardroid 7/30/2010 10:42:32 PM

Sounds like good news. The Smallville footage looked good. Clockwork Girl looked sweet. The Incredible Hulk I can accept. Mark Ruffalo is a good actor and should do a good job here.

GothicStorm 7/31/2010 12:07:02 AM

Smallville is like that Christmas present your great aunt gets you each year. You know, the box that looks all nice and pretty under the tree and is in the shape of something promising... Until that fateful day comes and you open it to find... tons of tissue paper and socks. Yeah, Smallville is exactly that to me. The commercials look great and all, but the actual episodes are.... blah. The creators already said they would never put him in the tights and cape or even let him actually fly. Really? So all you fans are hanging on to nothing more than false truths here. The tights and cape were just for looks, people... Get on with your lives and don't waste your time watching that teen drama crap. You might as well be watching Twilight on Blu Ray. Oooooh...

Incredible Hulk was awesome in the theater and is awesome on my widescreen here at the house. I could really care less who plays Banner now. We all know that he will only get about 5 minutes of face time in The Avengers movie anyway. What's this rumor about the RED Hulk appearing instead of the mean green machine? Should be interesting... I could see Thanos using Red Hulk to fight The Avengers while he takes the Infinity Gauntlet and uses it on Earth. Nonetheless, Banner will be brief in The Avengers.... mark my words.

Kick Ass was great and I'm looking forward to the sequel. The NRA must love this movie... yeah, little kids with unregistered firearms... kick ass!

ponyboy76 7/31/2010 3:27:36 AM

The guys that said that about dtsrted the "no flghts, no tights" rule for Smallville 1) haven't been part of Smaville for a good 2 seasons  and 2) said that in the first few seasons. They coudn't have known it would last this long. and most importantly 3) Its the last season, so that rule has been thrown out the window. I get the skepticism because they have shown Clark look like he was flying but he was really just leaping, but that clip pretty clearly shows him flying. He may not put the tights on but that's fine. Season looks damn good.

Jetro 7/31/2010 5:29:04 AM

The new Hulk is going to flop.  I just don't see the audience going for yet another reboot again...  unless he's just in the Avengers movie then that's fine. 

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