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VTGamehendge 3/1/2010 12:45:11 PM

Am I the only one who thought Wanted sucked ass?  Just because a movie makes a lot of money doesn't mean that it was any good.  And it certainly doesn't mean that it warrants a sequel.

axia777 3/1/2010 2:36:53 PM

No VTGamehendge I thought Wanted a dead goat's choad. It was terrible and crap. The only good thing about it was Angelina Jolie.

Nolan mkaing the whole JLA?  Mmm, that has promise I suppose.  He had better ditch the whole "realistic" universe idea though as the Flash, Matian Man Hunter, and the rest of the JLA are way out of the idea sphere of making Batman.  He has the skills though.

nightwingDG 3/1/2010 2:47:23 PM

I also thought Wanted was terrible. The first half of the movie was just a Matrix ripoff.

I seriously doubt Nolan will be involved in putting the JLA together, because like axia said he would have to ditch the whole realistic universe idea and I don't see it happening.

Give us a Scott Pilgrim trailer already.

gauleyboy420 3/1/2010 2:48:18 PM

I don't understand this Nolan cant make this, or the DCU won't fit in the batman Begins realm...

Seriously, do you guys even read comics?

Batmans books are always more grounded than the others, but that said they are hardly realistic, and niether are the movies...

Two-Face...Not even remotely realistic...Not even the Joker for that matter.

Scarecrow, and a plot to infect a city with fear toxin....NOT REALISTIC...

Bruce and whatsherface fell from a penthouse, and landed on a car and walked away...

ANY of the DCU members could seamlessly fit into Nolans Gotham City with ease...


I don't know what flavor Kool-Aid you doubters are drinking...


BUT if the man who made Zathura can make the Avengers, the guy who made TDK is more than capable than making JLA

animefanjared 3/1/2010 2:50:50 PM

I'm sorry, all of this Nolan talk seems like a lot of wishful thinking to me, particularly the part about his inexperienced brother directing such a huge tentpole film.  I'll believe it when someone from the actual companies involved confirms it, not all these "unnamed sources."

I really hope DC gets their shit together, because those characters deserve top-tier big screen adaptations.  I love Nolan's Bat-flicks, and "Green Lantern" sounds like its going to be pretty kick ass.  Superman and Wonder Woman (why aren't the spending more time on Wonder Woman???) deserve the same.  And then, with all those pieces in place, I would gladly go see a Justice League movie.

And to answer the hypothetical question about Chris Nolan's hyper-realistic approach being applied to other DC heroes: I imagine part of why he's taking an executive producer credit is because he personally doesn't care for all the supernatural tomfoolery but knows story structure and will advise on that.  The other films will be more fantastical, and Batman will be eased into things (even in the regular DCU, Batman has always been a more "realistic" book and his character is often a hands-off member of the League who only gets involved when he has to).  Remember, the same question has been applied (and is still being applied) to Jon Favreau's Iron Man being onscreen with an actual Norse god, and we all seem to be pretty pumped about that. :-)

PS - Wanted sucked, thank God Jolie has the good sense to pull out of the sequel, and if that keeps a sequel from being made all the better.

axia777 3/1/2010 3:07:41 PM

@Gauleyboy - That all is very true, of the comics. But Nolan has stated that he will never do any of the more unrealistic super villains like Killer Croc or Doctor Freeze. And what is unrealistic about Two-Face? He is a crazy guy with a scared face who flips a coin to decide if a person lives or dies. He is no more insane than the Son of Sam or Ted Bundy.

Same for The Joker, except for the whole white skin/green hair thing. But then Nolan did not do the whole "Joker has green hair and white skin" did he? Nope. No white skin or green hair. Instead we got a Joker with scars, make up, and hair dye. It kicked ass, but it was not the more unrealistic tone of the Joke from the comics.

I say that Nolan has the skill to seriously pay the bills. He could make an awesome JLA movie. But he has to ditch the whole "realistic DC Universe" deal.

It is the same reason that Jon Favreau is uncomfortable doing the Avengers movie. He does not like the more mythic and unrealistic characters of the Avengers.

gauleyboy420 3/1/2010 3:21:40 PM

I'll give you that joker is more realistic, BUT his character is still not realistic, super insane genius, more realistic true, but it's a stretch for "realism"

AND I love TDK, but i swear, two face would have died from infection within a week if he wasn't dropped from a building first.

axia777 3/1/2010 3:24:13 PM

You are right on the infection thing with Two Face.  He would have needed to have a portable IV antibiotic drip strapped to his back to keep him alive with burns that bad.  LOL.  Puss would have been dripping from the bad side of this face.

shac2846 3/1/2010 4:16:07 PM

gauley I have been down this road a hundred times. If people don't think a directors credentials speak for anything than there is no amount of debate that's going to change their mind. I think Nolan's involvement with the JLA, if it's true, is going ot make it one of the biggest comic book films ever, it may even pass TDK. And yeah gauley, this no fantasy debate in TDK kills me. A guy in a batsuit is trying to stop another guy dressed up like a clown blowing his whole city apart. Then throw in a guy with one half of his body scarred going around in the middle of that taking people out, no fantasy whatsoever? I just don't get it. If anything we should all be thankful that these new crop of big properties, JLA and Avengers are being handled by compitent filmmakers and not Brett Ratner or Stephen Sommers, etc.  

gauleyboy420 3/1/2010 5:06:27 PM


Nice visual, I'm gonna have trouble getting that puss face outta my head. bleh!



indeed, good point about the guy dressed up like a giant Bat in The Dark Knoight... not so realistic sounding is it?


These new comic movies are awesome, and faithful and fun, but anyone who thinks they are realistic, lives in a really cool place.

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