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axia777 3/2/2010 1:51:01 PM

Samsom, DC did not steal Superman from the Siegle family. If a person works for a creative company when they create an intellectual property that intellectual property is then owned by that company you work for. This is a standard operating procedure for any company any person may work for.

Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster created Superman while in the employment of DC. They created FOR DC Comics. See? So in reality it is not DC that stole anything, it is the greedy ass Siegle family that is trying to steal from DC Comics.  They sold the rights to DC completly in 1938 when Superman was puiblished in Action Comics #1.

So f*ck the Siegle family with a brick as they are greedy punks who don't realize that Superman would have never been anything without the help of DC Comics.

I hope they lose huge and get counter sued for legal damages and fee's.

animefanjared 3/2/2010 3:13:37 PM

@ dragon 261 - I don't think the lack of a leak means the people mentioned last week all lost out.  It may be that the studio has picked their first choice, but there are contract details to be worked out.  Rumor is Marvel has been fairly stingey as far as salaries for their movie actors go.  The rumor is whoever plays Capt would only get $300,000 (pocket change to star in a tent pole, when someone like Katie Holmes got more than that for a supporting role in "Batman Begins").  Plus, they would be contractually obligated to a lot of sequels and spin offs without necessarily being able to negotiate a pay raise.  That is not a good contract for the actor, and anyone who was smart would carefully weigh the pros and cons before rushing into such a long-term agreement.

samson 3/2/2010 3:49:35 PM


Just because something is legal doesn't make it just. Siegel and shuster where kids(with no legal council) when they signed over the rights to Superman. That should be taken into account. And while Superman may or may not have been the empire he is without DC. There definitly would not be a Superman empire without Siegle and Shuster.

DC finds itself on the loosing end of the case because what they did was essettilly theft of intelectual property. You should take the time to read over the specifics of the case and not go by what you think. I'm arguing fact. You're arguing opinion. They created Superman prior to their involvement with DC. That makes all of the difference.

See, there was prior work on Superman that DC didn't aquire. In they're greed, DC's lawyers overlooked those works. So DC doesn't own all of the rights. There is more to this but I think you get the jist of it.

On another note, why is it wrong for some to fight for something they(or in this case they're family members) created? I have no problem with people signing over their rights to property when they are properly informed by legal council. But when people are taken advantage of, I take issue. All DC would have had to have done was compensate the creators fairly (instead of the $20,000/yr they were given into the 90's when DC was raking in millions). Had DC been fair and just in the first place, thy would be done with because the creator's would have been dead by now. And with the proper deal in place beforehand, the rights could gone to DC and everyone would have been paid and happy.


axia777 3/2/2010 6:09:59 PM

Yes Samson, and they SOLD THE RIGHTS to Superman.  That ends it right there.  DC will win in the end.  It is the Siegles lawyer that is using under handed legal manuvers, not DC.  I have read the specifics of the case and I wholly disagree.  The Siegles are trying to take the entire legal rights to Superman away from DC when they do not own them.  That is greed.  The Siegles will lose.  I called it and we can talk about it when it happens.

ninjaBam 3/2/2010 9:32:33 PM

The Nolans and Goyer wil do just fine. Somehow I really doubt their gonna make supes all "DARK" & spooky like, i mean c"mon people a  lil'l more common sense here please. WB aka THE SUITS, are the only douchebags  that probably wanted that.

nefhead 3/22/2010 2:57:02 PM

Yeah, can just see a dude running around in a blue costume witha big shiled fighting the Nazis.

Totally lame character.

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