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Harry Potter: Book Vs. Film, Part II (Article) - 11/18/2010 12:17:46 PM

From an editor's perspective, we haven't been able to find any lists along these lines anywhere. There's apt to be a little fine tuning as we cross reference. The hope is that people will be able to refer to it as an unofficial guide, and hopefully help us clean up any oversights along the way.

DARK TOWER Plans Confirmed (Article) - 9/10/2010 9:13:12 AM

I'm not concerned about Howard; the name that worries me is Akiva Goldsman, who has a history of writing mediocre-to-awful adaptations of good source material. His screenplays include I Am Legend, I, Robot, Lost In Space, and the two Joel Schumacher Batman films. That is not an encouraging track record.

WOLVERINE On Pirates and Superheroes (Article) - 4/29/2009 11:44:36 AM

 Oh hanso. You are a bitter, bitter man. You need a hug buddy? We won't make you watch the movie again...

Chris Evans the latest among THE LOSERS (Article) - 4/20/2009 8:13:29 AM

 Hate to burst your bubble there, guygardner, but Evans isn't the first. Halle Berry played Storm for Marvel and Catwoman for DC. I know, it's easy to blot out memory of Catwoman--one's sanity may depend on it--but there it is.

A TV King Rises (Article) - 3/9/2009 11:19:16 AM

Hi all.

Daforce, I have a subscription to TV Guide and I also consult and a couple of other sites while I'm writing the column. Can't blame Mania for the Reaper snafu; total imbecilic brain fart on my part. (TV Guide sometimes publishes two weeks in a single issue, which is part of what threw me.)

As Ami said, John Glover was the voice of the Riddler on Batman: The Animated Series. The Floronic Man is a third-tier DC villain with a basic plant theme. Glover played him--or at least a non-powered mad scientist version of him--in Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin. (And if you don't remember it, consider it a mercy that so much of the film has been blotted from your mind.) If you want to read a great Floronic Man story, check out Alan Moore's first year on Swamp Thing. It has a doozy. 

There could be any number of reasons why Lost is a rerun. I suspect it may be due to long-term scheduling: they want the season to kick off on a particular date and have the season finale on a particular date and in order to meet both those dates, they need to have a rerun or two in there somewhere. That's speculative, but it's happened like that before.

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!

Steady Wasteland Before Kings (Article) - 3/2/2009 6:07:49 PM

Thanks for the input Gimpy. Like I said, the Reaper thing was a complete brain fart on my end. I thought it was premiering next week and had it labeled on my calendar as such. Again, an explanation, not an excuse. My severed pinky will be on everyone's desk in the morning.

Steady Wasteland Before Kings (Article) - 3/2/2009 11:25:58 AM

 Along those lines, there's a lot of discussion out here and in the office about what sorts of shows should be covered on this column. There's definitely a blurry line on some of these shows like Lie to Me and the CSI shows. Some people like the fact that we cover CSI, some people don't. Do Lie to Me and The Mentalist constitute genre shows? Does Burn Notice? I also include movies being broadcast--especially if they're smaller genre films like CSA. Is that useful to you? The goal is to serve you guys: to make this as useful to y'all as we can. What do you want to see that we're not covering? My in-box is always open and I do read all of the comments being posted.

Steady Wasteland Before Kings (Article) - 3/2/2009 11:01:20 AM

 My bad on not mentioning Reaper guys. No excuses. I'll make sure we start covering it on next week's column.

Friday the 13th (Article) - 2/13/2009 7:51:23 PM

Hi everyone. First of all, thanks for reading and responding to my reviews. I don't post on the forums very often, but please know that I read all of the comments (even the negative ones; ESPECIALLY the negative ones) and that your views are being heard.

I thought I should clarify my review policy as far as the letter grades go. I assign grades based on a sliding scale, gauging what a film sets out to achieve (at least as I perceive it) and how well it reaches that goal. Under such a system, direct comparisons between individual films break down a bit. For example, I would give Evil Dead II a grade of "A." I would also give Citizen Kane a grade of "A." That does NOT mean I believe that Evil Dead II is the equal of Citizen Kane. It means that I think Evil Dead II achieves its particular aims as well as Citizen Kane does.

The advantages of such a system allow critics to evaluate movies like Friday the 13th in a proper and reasonable context. It prevents popcorn films which succeed extraordinarily well from being penalized just because they're popcorn films, while refusing to let "important" movies off the hook just because their aims are more noble. When you don't use such a system and apply the same scale to every movie, it tends to shove certain kinds of movie into a ghetto just because they aren't deemed sufficiently "important."  One look at this year's Best Picture nominees--in which the Dark Knight was overlooked in favor of middle-brow piffle like Benjamin Button--demonstrates the impact this can have.

In the case of The International vs. Friday the 13th, I assigned my letter grades based on expectations for the content and the filmmakers' skills. I hold Tom Tykwer in very high regard: Run Lola Run is one of the most important films of the past decade and Perfume remains a personal favorite of mine. His subject in The International has a pertinent bearing on current affairs and I believe he set out to say something reasonably significant about society in the 21st Century. Friday the 13th, on the other hand, is simple and straightforward, with no grand pretensions towards the human condition and no expectations of artistry or innovative technique. In simple terms, I expect a lot more from The International than I do from Friday the 13th. My grades reflect that, and I hope the logic comes through in the reviews as written. (And frankly, if I had to see one of the two again, I'd definitely pick Friday.)

You may disagree and that's great--reviews are intended to foster debate, not pronounce judgment--but evaluating those two films by the same criteria does a disservice to both of them and ignores the wondrous variety that movies are capable of.

Thanks again for your thoughts and comments!

WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN premiere (Article) - 1/26/2009 3:24:30 PM

 Hey everybody. Yes, it's MRD, not MRT. The mistake was mine, not Mania's. You'll have my severed pinky on your desk in the morning...

Glad to hear the show stays solid through upcoming episodes! I didn't know the continuity was the same as Hulk Vs. Wolverine, but Steve Blum is terrific as the voice for Wolvie in both. Nolan North, who does the voice for Cyclops in the show, does Deadpool in Hulk Vs. and he's great too. I could see crossover stuff taking place very easily.


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