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Robert Vaux
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March 2, 2008
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January 19, 2015
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I've been writing film reviews online for the past eight years. My work is regularly featured on Rotten Tomatoes and I am a member in good standing of the Online Film Critics Society. Before that, I worked as a game designer in the table-top roleplaying industry. I currently live in the Los Angeles area where I am embracing the heady rush of full-time freelancing and faithfully rooting for the Insert Your City Name Here Angels.
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LA, CA United States
Favorite Sci-Fi Movie:
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John Carpenter's The Thing
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Max Headroom
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Spirited Away
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Favorite Video Game:
Donkey Kong. We kick it old school around here.
Must Have DVD:
Anything from Mystery Science Theatre 3000


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robbo 1/13/2009 6:12:08 PM

Vaux is the king of rock. There is none higer.

Sucker MCs should call him sire!

ChadDerdowski 4/30/2009 12:08:32 PM

Would it be cool if I just called him "sir"?

gauleyboy420 2/5/2010 1:47:50 PM

Rob, wanted to make sure you saw this...

A site called Comicsalliance has blatantly ripped off your superhero superbowl article, complete with toy pictures for the visual aids.


I know imitation is supposed to be the most sincere from of flattery, but some dude got paid to ripoff your article check it out.

urrutiap 11/14/2010 7:18:56 PM

Rob Vaux you are an asshole. Your TV show roundup for this coming week is rude. You said a rude remark about Halloween 6 being on Sy Fy channel where you said Donald Pleasance must need the money. He has been dead for years and you just think its cool to insult him?

urrutiap 11/14/2010 7:20:06 PM

Rob Vaux you are a jerk for what you just said about Donald Pleasance invovling Halloween 6 being on Sy Fy channel.

Either you're ignorant and dont know or something but Donald Pleasance has been dead for years.

somecrazychicken 3/9/2011 10:20:15 PM

 thank you so much for all the money you save me through sifting through the long neverending lists of new release films I can now spend far more money on the furry children and food.... P.S. the only thing good about the scenario is you are closer to becoming the crazy cat lady than I am ;)

preciolandia 11/1/2011 12:08:26 PM

 Do you read these comments? Thanks! Loja

TheMovieGuy28 1/27/2012 1:55:17 PM


I just got back from 'The Grey' but didn't know there was a post-credits scene. Can you tell me what happened? I'd seriously pay for this movie again, but am miffed that I didn't stay for the post, even though I always do.




(btw, bang up review. Really good article)

Rizing 3/28/2014 12:03:08 PM

Rob Vaux

I just tried to read your entire review of Noah, but it was so full of vindictive language against Christians that I had to stop. I made another attempt, but I was only able to manage a scan of your work.

Look, I don't know what or where you get your opinion of Christians, and how you support it, but Christians are understandably irritated when a very important story in the bible is mangled into something else. I won't belabor why, and yes, Christians do know the Truth because God laid it all out in the bible (the information that is worth knowing now about Him and about eternity- who goes to hell and who goes to heaven. God laid that out too. So we're not in the dark).

I haven't seen Noah, and if I do see it and I see nothing that supports what God meant to say in Genesis, then naturally I'll be turned off by it. Because it's not for fiction's sake. It's for your salvation. For everyone. Every book in the bible points to salvation in Jesus Christ.

So here is one Christian who is not oppressing you, not being cowardly or hiding behind a mantle. Here is a Christian that unfortunately can not find a direct e-mail address and I have to settle for this. What you wrote is just as vicious, just as oppressive as some of the unfortunate and misled actions of some people who should know better. But they're still going to heaven by the free gift of salvation found in Christ alone. Not because we're better. But because we realize that we're NOT better. No one is.

And all of that is spoken in the bible from Genesis and on.

Now if there be any hatred to be given to me, any jokes at my expense, well then so be it.

SmokingFrog77 7/5/2014 2:02:27 AM

Mr Vaux - You are a God amongst insects! Never let anyone tell you different!



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