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Ryan Arya

By Blazej Szpakowicz     April 30, 2006

Welcome to the latest edition of the DCG Artist Spotlight!

Our victim today is Ryan Arya.

Comics2Film (C2F):How and when did you get into manipping?

Ryan Arya (RA):I think it was late 2000, not too long after the first X-Men film was released. I came across Marcelo Gomes's X-Men website, saw his digital manipulations and was amazed. I submitted a few watercolour paintings of mine to his website, and asked him a few questions about his work and how he created them. He later on directed me to C2F and my life was changed forever ;)

C2F:What software do you use?

RA:I use Adobe Photoshop. In the future I?d like to learn how to use 3D Max though so I can incorporate more realistic costuming and props into my work.

C2F:What is your background in art?

RA:I've been drawing pictures since I can remember, I was always known as the arty child. It helped increase my popularity at school too because everyone wanted me to draw them pictures to colour in. Unfortunately my talents in illustration were limited, as I could only draw (or wanted to draw) women.

School was such a bore for me in general. I had no real interest in any of the subjects so I'd often be naughty out of boredom. I didn't have a clue what to do after it and it left me feeling like a complete waster. It'd been fun being a rebel but I knew I had to change and find something I was passionate about. I found out about a Multimedia course in the third year of senior school and knew instantly it was what I wanted to study. So as soon as I finished I scraped into college with my rubbish GCSE results and started a BTEC in Multimedia. I loved it so much that I did a HND straight after, spending four years in total at college. Now I'm in my third year of a BA Hons in Fashion & Brand Promotion course, and as much as I like it, I'm ready to leave education.

C2F:What's your favourite of your own work?

RA:Probably the last one I submitted(Stormerfrom Jem And The Holograms). It didn't get front page though, I was gutted! I like some of my darker pieces too, RogueVs Mystique etc.

C2F:What aspect of your work do you think sets it apart from the crowd?

RA:Well I tend to do characters rarely seen at C2F. Recent years have seen me create more and more characters from 80s cartoons. I guess it's because a lot of my favourite cartoons haven't been turned into movies yet, were as my favourite comics have been.

C2F:What do you still have to work on?

RA:More realistic costuming, lighting and scenes.

C2F:Who are some of your favourite DCG artists?

RA:All the greats, Marrow2000,Marcelo Gomes, Essex,Welshcat, Bill Turner, Serayala,Zac (he's produced some amazing work, I think he's the most improved artist at C2F). I also likeLady D's,StatXero's andStrangeFish's work, they're not the most amazing artists (neither am I) but I've always enjoyed their work and I think their imperfections are what make them so great.

C2F:What's your favourite part of doing a manip?

RA:The end result and clicking that submit button. I'm a big attention seeker so my favourite part is the end, when I receive feedback. I'm not overly sensitive to bad reviews either as a lot of my favourite films receive bad reviews, so I like to think I'm in the same league as them.

C2F:What inspires you? Where do you get your ideas from?

RA:My pictures tend to reflect what I'm into at the time or how I'm feeling. For example when I created my picture ofMarrow,I was feeling really sad at the time.

C2F:How do you start a manip?

RA:Usually I stumble across an image and think 'She'd make a good... (whoever)' and work from there.

C2F:What was your favourite theme day?

RA:The theme day I came up with; 80s Flashback. It had a good turn out and I liked so many of the images submitted. I also really enjoyed the Disney theme day.

C2F:You've dabbled with a variety of different artforms, including both manips and drawings. Do you have a favourite? Is there one that you find particularly difficult?

RA:Let's not talk about my drawings; they're far from being my strong point. My favourite is strictly digital art, and I do still find it difficult. I think there's still tons of improvement left in costuming and creating scenes.

C2F:What was the best piece of advice you ever received from another artist?

RA:I can't remember what exactly butMarrow2000,Zac,Essex,Marcelo Gomes, JuvenileMike,WonderWomanGoddess andStatXerohave given me tons of useful advice in the past.

C2F:What (if anything) are you working on right now?

RA:Nothing right now but there's still a few characters from various 80s cartoons I still want to do.

C2F:Who are your favourite comic book characters?

RA:Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Psylocke, Rogue, Mystique, Spiral etc (all the bad ass female characters basically)

C2F:You've been a member of C2F for quite a while; do you have any thoughts on how the site and the DCG have changed since you started? Any thoughts on where the DCG should be headed?

RA:I'd like to see a C2F University. Imagine all of us living on one campus studying to be even more amazing artists... It's the only way you'd get me back into education.

C2F:As you've recently told us, you have a "Digital Makeover" feature in the magazine where you work (you lucky so-and-so!) in which you digitally manipulate some lucky Mancunian into the character of their choice. Careto update us on that?

RA:Well I ran the idea past my boss and he loved it. Unfortunately I only got to do one makeover, as I left the company shortly after. But hopefully I'll get chance to resurrect that idea in future magazines!

For more of Ryan's art,check out his DCGgallery.

Interviewer:Blazej Szpakowicz


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