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Mania Grade: B+

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  • Series: Sacred Blacksmith

Sacred Blacksmith Episode #02

Sacred Blacksmith Episode #02 Review

By Chris Beveridge     June 09, 2010
Release Date: June 08, 2010

Sacred Blacksmith
© FUNimation

News of what's happened has started to spread and Cecily does her best to make sure she can be of more use in the future.

What They Say
After the attack on the caravan, ominous rumors spread across the land. Meanwhile, Cecily finally talks Luke into making her a sword, only to find she may not be able to afford his fees.

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Sometimes you have to put dialogue in uncomfortable places. No, not the back of a Volkswagen. In Sacred Blacksmith, as Luke is about to be attacked and potentially brutally killed by the monster, Lisa and Cecily have a wonderful conversation about how much is involved in creating a katana as well as a blow by blow view of how Luke fights once it really gets going. Lisa's admiration for Luke is plain to see and hear and the way Luke fights certainly looks good and makes for a solid action sequence without a ton of quick cuts, but the conversational tone undertaken by Lisa and Cecily is just poorly placed.

With word of a Devil's Contract now making its way out a bit, we see it having a bit of impact on the political level during a conference dealing with Vanbanil, someone from the past that they're all concerned about returning to the area. It's here that we learn that there's the possibility of a great war coming and that the sacred blacksmith is necessary in order to create the sword needed to defeat Vanbanil in case he does return. The concern becomes whether it can happen before Vanbanil returns and with the blacksmith having missed the meeting, that concern is only growing about how Hausman and the independent trade city is dealing with the situation as a whole.

Luke's condescending nature gets displayed nicely in general, both in the battle and afterward. When he gets back to doing his blacksmithing work, he's pushing Cecily away as much as possible with his particular demeanor, going so far as to tell her that women aren't allowed near the smithy and that Lisa is an exception. Cecily does her best to befriend him and to try and get him to make a sword for her, but he's highly resistant to the idea and keeps pushing back on her. That these two met appears to not be coincidence though perhaps fate has played a hand in bringing them together. Each of them has a bit of push and pull with the other and I like the differences in their personalities in how they conflict with each other without being totally obnoxious.

In Summary:
The second episode of Sacred Blacksmith does a nice job of balancing the action, the political and the background material. Of the three principle characters so far, there's a lot to like with each of them, though Lisa is the weakest of the trio since she's playing a simple subservient role for the most part so far. When it comes to both Luke and Cecily, they have a nice balance with each other while not getting along either wonderfully or like oil and water. They're in the early stages of figuring out just how they're going to get along, though you can see Luke being worn down by Cecily's earnest attitude. Add in the background material we get, which is a bit of an infodump at the start of the episode, and there's a lot being bandied about in the first two episodes to set things up for the next ten. Hopefully it plays out well as it goes along.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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Muenster 6/9/2010 5:48:10 PM

This series had great potential but rapidly turned into just another magical harem cutesy girl crapfest, that even maginalized the main hero, who, with the help of his sidekick can rapidly forge raw iron into weapon. They did this in favor of silly idiot sword-girl things, and left many unawered question and gaping plot holes. The animators only had half a season to work with and it shows. (BTW, Luke's sidekick turns out to be a young clone like manifistation of his childhood sweetheart thing who died saving his life from some big scary demon years earlier.)

Don't waste your time or money on this garbage.



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