'Saito-san' dramanga called "brilliant" - Mania.com Reviewier for The Daily Yomiuri enjoys \'Saito-San\', a new dramanga centering on a kindergarten mom.

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'Saito-san' dramanga called "brilliant"

    January 21, 2008
Source: www.yomiuri.co.jp

The Daily Yomiuri takes a look at a "dramanga" (TV adaptations of manga) called 'Saito-san', which airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on NTV.

"Based on the manga by 'Yua Oda', it is social commentary that explores the comforts and constraints of group conformity and the challenge of doing the right thing in the face of the entrenched status quo.

Saito-san (Arisa Mizuki) is a 30-year-old woman raising her kindergarten son alone while her husband works overseas. Outspoken and with an indefatigable thirst for justice, playing by the rules and not overlooking wrongdoing, she is ostracized by the other mothers. While she could display a little more finesse, she almost always does the right thing and she would make a loyal friend for Wakaba Mano (Mimura), a nervous newcomer desperate for the acceptance she failed to achieve in her old neighborhood. Mano knocks herself out baking cookies and generally trying to ingratiate herself, but she spurns Saito-san's friendship and her warning that she is trying too hard and losing sight of herself and her son in the process.


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