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Sakura Con - FUNimation Panel Coverage

By Chris Beveridge     April 09, 2005

As provided by forum moderator Pelianth:

First, what everyone wants to know: No new licenses. They said to look to Anime Boston for new license.

They did give a voice actor list for Kodocha. I know Sana's actress has been announced but I don't know about the others, here's the list they gave us (mods feel free to edit the list for spelling corrections):

Sana: Laura Bailey

Akito: Jerry Jewel

Rei: John Bergmier

Aya: Monica Rial

Babbit: Chris Cason

Mama: Colleen Clinkenbeard

Here's some news that ought to interest a bunch of people: Funimation is actively trying to raise US support for a second season of Fruits Basket. Mostly at conventions where they can interact with people diredctly. Current projects include a photo project, getting pictures taken at cons of people cosplaying, showing of Furuba related craft they've made, etc. These pics will end up being sent to Japan. Another thing they're hoping to get sent (if, and I'm sure they will, get enough) is a Thousand Paper Crane project. For those of you who aren't familiar with the tradition, legend says that if you fold one thousand paper cranes you'll get a wish. To this end, Funimation will have at their convention booths, origami paper and instructions for fans to pick up, so they can fold cranes and bring them back to the table at the con. Once they get enough, they'll send them along with the pictures from the other project off to Hakusensha or whomever is calling the shots on the other side of the pond.

For those wondering about the recasting of Ryoko's voice actor in the 3rd Tenchi OVA, look to Anime Boston for news.

Funimation is trying to showcast at least one upcoming show per convention:

  • Anime Boston will be Kodocha. they will be screening dub episodes. There will be a return of the mallets! There will also be a "Make-your-own-Mama-hat" event, with a vote contest for the best hats. They will also finally be announcing the premium for the Kodocha vol.1 box.
  • A-kon will be a "Wil Wild West" (sort-of) theme, featuring Burst Angel, Samurai 7, and a little bit of Gunslinger Girl.
  • Anime Central will again be Burst Angel and Gunslinger Girl, they mentioned something about bringing over the Burst Angel director to the con. (Has that been announced yet?) They couldn't get GG's director as she will be on a cruise.

    In the Q&A portion of the panel, it was asked about game series that tie into their anime products. As has been said before, they're currently polling for fan interest in the Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) games. They would also like to get the Gunslinger Girl games brought over if possible.

    More Q&A news:

  • Sakura Taisen: Ecole de Paris. Dub is finished, it should see release before the end of the summer.
  • The premium with the Burst Angel box will be a phone strap with the logo, Meg, and Jo on it.
  • And what ought to please a number of people, there will be a dubbed version of the Burst Angel ending. It will be sung by Caitlin (Winry in FMA). There will be no dubbed version of the OP.

    On the merchansdising front:

    There will be new Furuba hats! They showed off both Momiji and Shigure at the panel. They also said there will be a Hatsuha're currently polling for fan interest in ri hat, though they weren't able to bring a protoype to the con. The Hatsuhari hat will be reverable, black/white, and will also have his earrings. These will be availible soemtime in May, aroudn Anime Central.

    There will be Furuba shirts appearing at Hot Topic soon. Funimation will also have some shirts availible at conventions that won't be in stores. Also, more Dragonball capsule toys at Suncoasts will be availible at Suncoast soon.

    They're also handing out double-sided posters at cons, currently they have availible:

  • Dragonball Z (both sides)
  • Fruits Basket/Kodocha
  • Spiral/Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Burst Angel/Gunslinger Girl

    Lastly, Funimation is also starting up a new website called "Funi Girls" to cater to female anime fans. It's not up yet, but they hope to give girls a place to network with other fans, give help on putting together anime clubs, encourage females to get involved with the industry, and generally promote gender equality in fandom.


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