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Sam Kieth's New Marvel Mini

Wolverine and Hulk take the spotlight for a new Marvel Knights limited series

By Rob Allstetter     August 29, 2001

Teaser art for the upcoming Sam Keith Marvel Knights miniseries starring Wolverine and Hulk
© 2001 Marvel Comics

THE MAXX creator Sam Kieth is returning to Marvel next year for a four-issue Wolverine/Hulk mini-series for Marvel Knights.

"It will have all his trademark surrealism and beautiful art," says Marvel Knights editor Stuart Moore. "It will be a mixture of painted and line art."

What's the story about?

"It involves a quest," Moore says. "Wolverine and the Hulk are kind of drawn together by a little girl who is leading them toward something, but we're not sure what it is for a while.

"There's a lot of action, and Sam's got a very delicate touch with the characters."

The mini-series is expected to start early in 2002. Kieth is also working on a mini-series, FOUR WOMEN, for WildStorm, as well as a sequel to ZERO GIRL.


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