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San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Update

Plus 3 Terminator Figures Worth Buying

By Robert T. Trate     May 22, 2009

The Toy Maniac is aware of how many times Luke, Han and Stormtroopers have appeared in his column. He just doesn’t care.
© Trate


Some of you have ventured into the toy aisles and seen those practically disgusting Terminator Salvation action figures. They are so bad there isn’t even a likeness of Christian Bale in the line. They are on par with knock off toys produced in Mexico. In short, I hate them. What could only be a worse series of action figures this summer, so far, are the 3.75 and 6 inch Star Trek figures. The twelve inch figures are incredible but with that price, I put them in the wait till they go on sale category. Playmates, the producers of both Terminator Salvation and Star Trek toy lines really should have their toy licenses revoked. Not only are these figures poor likenesses but they are uninspired and lack imagination. Being your humble and vindictive Toy Maniac, man do I hate those Playmate figures; I have forgone the obligatory Terminator Toy Column for this week. I looked all over the Internet for the best and worst Terminator figures for it. Outside of some classic Movie Maniac figures most Terminator figures are either way too expensive or just plain terrible. I did discover new Terminator figures in the process outside of Playmates’ domain. These three figures are actually are worth picking up. NECA has produced classic renditions of Terminator figures to coincide with Terminator Salvation but these figures are throwbacks to a better time. The size is right, the price is right and damn it these figures are perfect.
Terminator 2 Judgment Day Series 1
Terminator is nothing without Arnold and I am talking 1991 Arnold only. After watching some of the clips in Chad Derdowski’s article this week “T-101: Getting to know Your TERMINATORs” old Arnold really is a boring governator. NECA’s first wave, hopefully there will be a second, were some of the best figures I saw at Toy Fair. The new trend by all the toy companies is going the 3.75 inch route. You can take all the 3.75 cheapo figures and shove it. These seven figures are perfect. The T-800 Pescadero Escape Terminator is one the best likenesses of Arnold since NECA’s Conan Figures. The T-800 (Man or Machine) figure has that perfect level of blood, shock and gore that is reminiscent of the wizardry of James Cameron’s brilliant film. Yet the Endoskeleton with Plasma Rifle is what we all want. They are scheduled to be released in June but Entertainment Earth is already taking orders (check it out here).


If only they would come out with a modern day version of this toy. The wounded heroic Terminator talking is classic.
The San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Update:
If you haven’t booked your hotel by now you will definitely be staying on the outskirts of San Diego. None of this really matters if you haven’t bought your ticket to the Comic Con. The last time I looked each and every day was practically sold out. They say the economy is in bad shape but that isn’t going to keep us from our annual pilgrimage to Nerdvana. I keep getting emails about new toy exclusives for the show. If you can’t make it to the SDCC this year, fear not, many of the retailers sell their “exclusives” online. They have to. It’s in their contracts (see why in my interview with a toy insider as to why). The new crop of SDCC figures are freakin’ sweet and too good not to share with you maniacs.
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra SDCC
The Rise of Cobra will be everywhere at the SDCC. Hopefully that will mean some really sweet swag like Cobra patches, masks and helmets but as toys go Hasbro and Sideshow Collectibles are bringing out the big guns. As kids watching the cartoon back in the glorious eighties we all knew that Destro and the Baroness had something going on. Hasbro is going to have two exclusives celebrating these twisted lovers bent on world domination. The first is a 12 inch Baroness figure which features a soft goods trench coat and body suit as well as multiple signature weapons all in the likeness of Sienna Miller. The recruiting poster and the Cobra propaganda stamp are also nice touches, making the box look incredible. Face it. If you pick this one up you want it to look as good as possible because you should never open it. Destro will also be making an appearance at the SCCC but his exclusive will be in the 3.75 version. There will be two fully articulate figures that show the history of the McCullen family as well as their time line. Unfortunately (see gallery) all we have to look at right now is the box. There is also slated a Crimson Cobra Commander for release by Sideshow Collectibles, limited edition of course, but completely bad ass (see gallery for thumbnail image).
No, not that lame excuse for a movie by Warren Beatty. Shocker Toys is going way back and bringing the iconic detective back to life with two black and white, fully articulated six inch exclusives. The figures are in creator Chester Gould's original comic strip style. Both Dick Tracy figures will be available at the SDCC but the Dick Tracy in his trench coat with a Tommy gun will ONLY be available on-site for a lucky few at Comic Con.




What is Comic Con without something from Star Wars? Love the new trilogy or hate it there is no denying Star Wars’ presence. Sideshow Collectibles is turning out several other exclusives but their limited edition (2000) Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise are two that the Toy Maniac has to have. The details and poseablity (30+ points of articulation) are incredible but it is the fact that you actually get four figures in the process that makes them worthwhile. You get Luke, Han and then two Stormtroopers if you think about it. Bored with Han and Luke? Put their helmets on, voila, two Stormtroopers! In this economy and for the price these SDCC exclusives are awesome. These exclusives are for attendees only.


There are plenty of figures already announced for the San Diego Comic Con. I will try and keep this shopping list updated as much as possible in the coming weeks. Look for my complete coverage after the SDCC of all the toys and what sold out and what bombed. There is a Sideshow Collectible zombie type Mickey Mouse in the works but the details have yet to be fully divulged (see gallery). Until then here is a few of the must have SDCC exclusives (follow the links for more details):
The Wonder Twins: Zan and Jayna by Mattel
Masters of the Universe He-Ro
Gentle Giant’s pink Darth Vader Helmet (proceeds to benefit Breast Cancer research)
Mini bust of Ralph McQuarrie’s original Boba Fett design by Gentle Giant



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