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Save SHENMUE Petition

CGI movie or not, we want the real thing

By Troy Roberts     January 14, 2003
Source: Save Shenmue Petition

There aren't many times when I'm extremely irritated. But tonight, unfortunately, is one of those times. Luckily (for me anyway), I get to write the Gamers' Thumb tonight. And for those of you wondering why I'm in a certain mood, it's because I have just found out that the plans for SHENMUE III only involve a CGI-movie.

Yup, no video game. And if you've read any of my comments on the game or just know me, you'll know that I love the series. I think it is one of the most detailed, thought-out, fun games that has ever been made. But apparently sales don't reflect that, and most gamers don't seem to enjoy spending hours doing things that they could possibly do in real life. Why these same people buy other RPGs, I don't know, but that isn't the point.

Now I do have a couple of theories on why the game hasn't sold well, and I think maybe Sega should contemplate why the series does poorly. Mainly I think it is the systems the game is released on. I loved the Dreamcast, and a lot of people did too, but obviously the Playstation 2 was the gamers' favorite, as told by sales. So, instead of heading there when the Dreamcast collapsed, SHENMUE II was taken to the Xbox. Once again, I love the Xbox, but gamers are still in love with the Playstation 2. Sega, why not release the game for that system, too? It is obviously doing better than the Xbox. Even some fans of the series cannot play the newest game because they own a Playstation 2 and don't want to spend $250+ on an Xbox and the game. So, many gamers do without. So, why not release it on every system? I'm sure GameCube and Playstation 2 owners would love a taste of the series.

While it may already be too late for a change environment for SHENMUE, I refuse to give up on the video game. Hey, a movie would be great and all, but I love exploring the world. In a movie, you can only watch the exploration, and can only go so far. So, in turn, I have started a "Save SHENMUE" petition (which is linked to at the top of this article). Whether or not it has any effect on Sega of Yu Suzuki, who knows, but it really can't hurt to try.

So anyway, sign if you would like to see this great game continue.


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