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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Official Trailer #1 (Article) - 7/30/2012 1:48:43 PM

 Centralia, PA anyone?

Pixar Slate Confirmed at D23 (Article) - 8/22/2011 5:02:12 PM

 Incredibles 2. That is all. 

More Dwarves from HOBBIT (Article) - 7/14/2011 6:20:43 PM

 While I like the images, with each passing one I become more and more afraid that they will be too "comical" for the movies. I hope they are not transformed into running slapstick for the duration. 

New CARS 2 Trailer Rolls In (Article) - 5/14/2011 7:52:22 AM

 Came for the the obligatory Incredibles 2 comment, leaving happy. 

TV Wasteland: Game On (Article) - 4/18/2011 5:47:56 PM

If HBO only orders one season of GoT, how will they tie it up? Will they have a lame ending like they did with Rome? 

Finish the book! No, not that one, but the NEXT one! 

Fox Finds DEADPOOL Director? (Article) - 4/9/2011 6:57:10 AM

 No Mortal Kombat/Marvel Universe crossover for the Deadbarakpoola backstory? 

Stars Return for SILENT HILL 2 (Article) - 3/16/2011 7:37:36 PM

 Go visit Centralia, PA.

X-Men: First Class Trailer Unveiled (Article) - 2/10/2011 5:44:22 PM

 Can they release another X-Men movie with a Python-esque clip at the beginning asking us all to forget about Ratner's crap? 

CARS 2 Trailers Roll In (Article) - 11/17/2010 7:40:09 PM

 Yes, I read the comments previous and I'm still posting this...


Get the fark on with Incredibles 2. Dammit.

FANTASTIC FOUR Rumors Rampant (Article) - 8/30/2010 5:12:09 PM

 Until someone admits to me that Galactus isn't a freaking dust cloud, I'm not watching sh*t. Reboot or no. 


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