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"Scar Night" Contest

By Karl Schneider     December 17, 2006

Scar Night by Alan Campbell
© Random House
Mania is happy to announce our next contest, a giveaway of the fantasy novel Scar Night by Alan Campbell.

In the novel, Suspended by chains over a seemingly bottomless abyss, the ancient city of Deepgate is home to a young angel, an assassin, and a psychotic murderer hungry for revenge—or redemption. But soon a shocking betrayal will unite all three in a desperate quest....

The last of his line, Dill is descended from legendary Battle-archons who once defended the city. Forbidden to fly and untrained even to wield the great sword inherited from his forebears, he has become a figurehead for a dying tradition. Now he lives a sheltered existence in one of Deepgate’s crumbling temple spires under the watchful eye of the Presbyter who rules the city.

Spine assassin Rachel Hael has better things to do than oversee the Presbyter’s angel. Each dark moon she must fight for her life among the city chains, hunting an immortal predator with a taste for blood.

But when a traitor brings enemies to Deepgate’s doorstep, Dill and Rachel are forced into an uneasy alliance with the city’s oldest and most dangerous foe. They must journey down into the uncharted chasm to save their sprawling metropolis—and themselves—from annihilation. Once they descend however, they learn that what lies below is far more sinister than what they’ve been taught to expect.

If that sounds interesting, drop me an email at maniaent@gmail.com with Scar Night somewhere in the subject/body.

The book is available on December 26 in stores everywhere.


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Korinthian 12/17/2006 6:35:41 AM
The contest is to send an email? How's that for lame?
karlschneider 12/17/2006 12:15:35 PM
That's how it always is, do you have a better idea?
Korinthian 12/17/2006 12:21:07 PM
Of course I do: How about making it an actual contest, where you have to do something, ANYTHING. Write a little story, paint a little picture, dance a little dance. Writing an email is no challenge in this day and age, you know.
dakeyras 12/18/2006 12:38:51 AM
Somedays you just can't win. Can't please everyone all the time. Personally I like these contests where I can just send an email because this way I actually have a shot.
snallygaster 12/18/2006 8:32:14 AM
Karl, thanks for keeping the contest entry requirement simple.
chip 12/18/2006 2:42:21 PM
Hey Korinthian, Never heard of someone wanting to make something more difficult than it needs to be. If we made this an actual "contest", we would have to get legal documentation every time we did one which would mean we would never have them because that is too costly for us and also would prevent a lot of our international users from participating. Give Karl credit for doing this stuff and making it simple.
Korinthian 12/18/2006 3:18:24 PM
Should I give him credit for a contest that isn't? I'll save my praise to more deserving endeavors. I did not say the contest had to be hard and cumbersome to those that spend their precious work hours surfing the internet. If you make the contest a... well, a contest, you have something to show once the results are in. A 7 word rhyme (and the runners up) praising the sponsor of the contest (in this case the author?) would probably be appreciated by the winner, the participants and the author himself. Let's face it, the current contest is boring as hell, and after the move, this site needs some content that shows that it's alive.
chip 12/18/2006 4:13:16 PM
Again, a comment that needs to be addressed. "after the move, this site needs some content that shows it's alive". Give me some specifics rather than just spouting off, the content on the site is no different than it was in October when it was the old site look. IN FACT, the site has even more content than before. If you don't like the new look, that I can live with because there are people who don't like change, but don't tell me the content is any different from the the old site unless you have specific examples.
michaelxaviermaelstrom 12/19/2006 4:04:06 AM
Wonderful, I penned a virtual essay. (with big words an everything - Ed) Go Away Ed. ..containing both my opine on Korinthians comment and my view of the new Mania design and it disappeared into the !@#$! ether. (after I submitted it, Mania reported I wasn't logged in, though obviously I was when I -began- penning the comment - consequently it took me to a Mania Member sign-in page, then decided not to recognize my login and to keep doing that, until I gave up trying. Consequently my post's-contents were lost) (and we're glad of it - Ed) *cough* (Yes, I tried back-paging with Firefox but the comment-box was empty) ergo., The Quick Version. 1. (my reading) I get the feeling the subtext behind what Korinthian is saying is oft largely: he wants to see more adult/professional content. Don't agree with this particular example, since there's nothing inherently unprofessional about a toss-nomen-into-virtual-hat random-draw contest. but maybe he has a larger point, if it's to consciously gear Mania towards an older audience? (unless of course that directly clashes with Mania's intended target demographic) 2. I LOVE the Mania (((Web 3.0))) design structure. I think it's brilliant. FORCE FIELD and Member-BANGing is my idea of where major media magazine web-design is headed. ergo - where one day - the major media webzines will eventually go. Penned the original msg focusing on why I think it's brilliant; won't repeat it, and doubt it was an design accident; it is very well conceived and executed, all this to say, KUDOS to the Mania designer! It's nothing short of revolutionary and ahead of its time. Specifically, the revolutionary move of placing joe-member-netizen's articles & reviews _en-high-profile-front-page-par_ with staff writers. That is utterly brilliant. (and as I say, I will wager that the major media web-magazines will one day follow Manias design suit, but first they'll have to get over the since-Gutenberg Author-elitism that demands/believes that the proletariat never really be on equal footing with the writer) Anyway, MAJOR Kudos for the Mania design structure. --michaelmaelstrom.


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