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Scare Tactics

13 under-appreciated horror films guaranteed to give you nightmares

By Scott Collura     February 05, 2003

We've all sat through FRIDAY THE 13TH umpteen times. There are enough DRACULA variations in your DVD collection to fill a casket. And don't even get us started on demonic possession movies...

The fact is, most horror fans have seen it all before then seen it rehashed 20 times over because in the world of movies, anything that works once is destined to be done over and over again. That's why your CINESCAPE has come up with this list of13 under-appreciated and overlooked gems in the horror genre. Films you probably haven't seen, but should. We've even gone so far as to explain why these films should be resurrected from the early cinematic graves they've found themselves in and given a second chance, while also tipping you off on what to expect in the fateful 13th minute of each film! Best keep the nightlight on for this article...


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