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The Scariest Games Ever

James and Troy share what games creeped them out

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     October 31, 2003

Today being Halloween and all, we decided that we'd keep with tradition and make this week's Gamers' Thumb centered around Halloween, more importantly, scary stuff. So, this week, our columnists tackle the Halloween tradition of scares and frights by talking about the scariest games they've ever played (and certainly games they wouldn't want to play on Halloween night).

"By far, the


scariest game I've ever played has to be RESIDENT EVIL 2. Yeah, the first one was great but the second game had me on the seat of my chair until the wee hours of the morning. Do you remember the big introduction to the Licker? Or what about Mr. X (who should have been called Big Man), the big giant bald freak who would bust through walls, doors, whatever it took to get a chance to kill you. Every time he'd bust through a wall I'd nearly have a heart attack. Other than that, SILENT HILL 2 and THE THING gave some very good, more subtle, no less frightening, scares which would keep with you for days afterward (although both these games had extremely chilly moments)." Troy

"I still think the scariest

The dead are to be feared in RESIDENT EVIL 2.

game of all time that I ever played was DEFCON 5. You were left all alone on a space station, and had to try and defend Earth from these aliens that were attacking. You could hear them screeching as they narrowed in on you and you were always running from them. You had to survive for 24 hours to get rescued, all the while using the systems of the station to stay alive. Very scary. I remember hiding in an elevator for nearly 15 minutes once because I didn't want to venture out into a mess hall. RESIDENT EVIL also provided a good many scares... zombie dogs to this day freak the holy living shit out of me." James


Atlus has announced that KING OF FIGHTERS EX2: HOWLING BLOOD and SHINING SOUL II are coming to the Game Boy Advance...Activision confirmed that Snoop Dog will be a playable character in the upcoming STREETS OF LA...Majesco has announced BLOODRAYNE 2...Square Enix has announced that it will remake DRAGON QUEST V...


Game of the Week: THE LORD OF

Battle for Middle-earth in THE RETURN OF THE KING video game.

THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING - 2-player co-op online... what more can you ask for?

EYETOY: PLAY - Sony's new camera allows you to get into the game, literally. This is a lot of fun, and should have some interesting future uses.

NFL BLITZ PRO - A bit late, but should be a lot of fun. Now 11 on 11 and more realistic too.

SOCOM II: US NAVY SEALS - SOCOM is back - and it's better than ever.

TRUE CRIME: STREETS OF LA - Sort of a GRAND THEFT AUTO type game, except you are a cop, who can be good or bad, and when you fail a mission the story continues.

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