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SCARY MOVIE Dodges Ratings Bullet

    June 30, 2000

After early screenings of Miramax's Scary Movie, word on the street is that the Wayans Brothers' horror spoof may've dodged a ratings bullet. Critics who've seen the teen comedy are uniformly surprised that its NC-17 antics have only earned the movie, which premieres next Friday, an R rating.

'Unbounded by taste, inhibition or political correctness, this potential summer sleeper boldly goes where no one, not even Peter and Bobby Farrelly, has gone before with mainstream megaplex fare,' wrote Daily Variety critic Joe Leydon. 'Many critics, social commentators and op-ed writers may express outrage, which should only make the pic even more attractive to the under-30 target aud.'

The people at Miramax, though, are theorizing that Scary Movie got the R rating because the MPAA is generally not as stringent when rating comedies or satires. 'The MPAA tends to have problems not with comedy but with sexuality when it appears in a serious context,' said one studio executive.Variety


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