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'Scatterbrain' optioned for film development

By Rob M. Worley     March 19, 2008

From a press release

Kickstart Productions Options Critically Acclaimed Comic Book Series 'Scatterbrain' By Brendan Deneen

Kickstart  Productions,  which  set  up  this  summer's  highly  anticipated,  comic  book-inspired 'Wanted' at Universal, is proud to announce that it has optioned Brendan Deneen's critically acclaimed comic book series 'Scatterbrain'.

The four issue comic book series, which was published by Markosia in 2006, tells the story of Jack Anderfold,  a disgraced  undercover  detective  who  sees  his  chance  at  redemption  when  the mysterious vigilante Scatterbrain appears and begins battling the same forces of evil that Jack once fought.

Kickstart, in addition to producing 'Wanted', is also working on several other comic book based properties.

In television, Kickstart is currently in development on several television projects including 'Johnny Dynamite' at NBC, 'Preacher' at HBO, 'Ms. Tree' at Oxygen, animated series 'The Pro' at Spike and a TV movie 'Snowed' with NICKELODEON.  Recently completed projects include the 22 episodes series 'Painkiller Jane' for Sci Fi Channel, the pilot 'Nobody' for ABC Family, animated shorts 'Happy Monster Band' (just picked up for a second season) for Disney Channel and the animated 'Amazing Screw On Head' for Sci Fi.  Kickstart is also currently in production on the animated TV series version 'Wolverine & The X Men', 'Happily Never After 2' for Lions Gate and an animated series 'Brave' for Cartoon Network Europe. On the feature film side, Kickstart is currently in development 'The Red Star' at Universal, 'Battlechasers' at Fox, 'Robotech' at Warner Brothers, 'The Boys' at Sony, 'Major Bummer' with John Wells Productions and 'The Couriers' at Intrepid and Rogue Pictures.

Brendan Deneen, who formerly worked as  an executive for Scott Rudin and Bob & Harvey Weinstein, and who is now Senior Vice President at Objective Entertainment, was also recently hired to write a new monthly 'Flash Gordon' comic book series, which reboots the nearly 100-year-old franchise and will debut at this year's New York Comic-Con.  Deneen states, "I first came up with the idea for 'Scatterbrain' in 1994, when I was in college, and never imagined that the idea would finally become a comic book a dozen years later, let along a potential film or television series.  I am extremely happy to be working with Kickstart on bringing Jack, Scatterbrain and their supporting cast to life."

"We have been trying to find a project to do with Brendan for a while now," said Jason Netter of Kickstart. "Scatterbrain melding of classic noir with the dark side of superheroes.  Every character is flawed in someway.  We think this will make for a strong television series."


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