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Schamus calls bulls--- on 'Hulk' perceptions

    September 26, 2008

The Ang Lee directed, James Schamus produced 'Hulk' was a major flop while the lean green 'Incredible Hulk'' was a big success. Right? "Wait a second," cries Schamus.

As has been pointed out in our box office reports several times this summer, the new 'Incredible Hulk' barely out-grossed Ang Lee's 2003 movie and had significantly larger budget.

"In real dollars, if you adjust for inflation, in order to even break even with us it would have had to gross $155 [million]. It grossed about $30 more than that [and] did the same overseas," Schamus told MTV Splash Page.

But, come on, James. Everybody liked the new movie a lot better, right?

"This thing about Ang’s movie being reviled by critics, go on Rotten Tomatoes and the average review is like [62%]," said Schamus. "And the new one that’s supposedly embraced and loved is also getting [62%]. Its like, ‘What planet are we on?’"

Actually the original has settled to 61% while the redo is around 67% but the man's point still stands, the new Hulk is hardly eating the old Hulk's gamma-irradiated lunch in terms of critical reception either.

Not that he's bitter. Schamus admitted to MTV that he liked the new movie quite a bit and thinks one of the wonderful things about the Marvel characters is their flexibility in the face of interpretation.

"These characters are like Shakespeare," he explained. "'Hamlet' you can do with a different actor every summer."


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