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SCOOP: Auditons for SUPERMAN's Dad

Someone tells us who tried out for the part of Supes' Dad

By Patrick Sauriol     August 24, 2004
Source: Anonymous

Bruce Lee (left) and John Saxon in a scene from ENTER THE DRAGON.
© Warner Bros.
The news of an open casting call for actors to play the new SUPERMAN has made the rounds and been confirmed, so we know that a search is on for thr young male actor to play the Man of Steel. But is there also a search on concurrent to the one for Superman to find the father of Clark Kent?

According to the sender of an anonymous scoop, auditions for the part of Jonathan Kent, one-half of the husband-wife couple that discover the baby Superman and raise him as their son Clark, are underway and they know of one actor that has tried out for the part: John Saxon. Genre-wise, Saxon is probably best known for playing the part of Lieutenant Thompson in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, the father to Heather Lengenkamp's Nancy character. The 69-year-old actor has a long list of credits and chances are if you've seen a few late night movies, you've seen Saxon's work. He's appeared in BLACK CHRISTMAS, ENTER THE DRAGON, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, BLOOD BEACH, BEVERLY HILLS COP III and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN just to name a few of his better known roles.

Our scooper said that the actor auditioned for the part in Los Angeles last week and was hopeful that his work would meet with the approval of SUPERMAN director Bryan Singer. We may be reading too much into this but one interesting aspect of the scoop was that the part was referred to as being "Pa Kent" and not "Jonathan Kent" as the character is referred to on SMALLVILLE. If indeed the character is being written as Pa Kent that would be congruent with the character's name in Richard Donner's 1979 movie (as played by Glenn Ford.) We're hanging on to a couple of details in the hopes our scooper will return with more news.


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