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SCOOP: BATMAN's devil is in the details

So much good stuff that we're censoring ourselves

By Patrick Sauriol     February 23, 2004
Source: Name withheld

By now comic book fans are daring to believe that Warner Bros. new BATMAN movie has all the ingredients of success: a new actor to play the Dark Knight (Christian Bale); a supporting cast that suggests substance will play as important a part as style; a script from a screenwriter (David Goyer) that's had success with previous comic book adaptations, and who also happens to be a successful comic book writer; and a director (Christopher Nolan) with credits that both critics and fanboys can appreciate (like MEMENTO and INSOMNIA). So how much better can it get?

We're here to tell you that it does get better. A lot better. So good that we're going to have to do something we rarely choose to do and not tell you everything that we know.

We have a good reason for this rule and that has to do with things we call "key spoilers". Every film has them, those moments where a major plot point will happen that twists or reveals something that can change the entire film. Remember what happened when Luke Skywalker confronted Darth Vader in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, or what happened shortly after Kane sat down to eat dinner in ALIEN, or when the Nazis opened the Ark of the Covenant in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK? Did you really want to know what was going to happen all those months before you saw those films -- especially now when you consider that these films are considered classics of their genres? Of course not. And that's why we're here to raise your expectations for BATMAN BEGINS (which may shortly be the new title for Nolan's BATMAN film) and to tell you that there are some things best left unsaid for the moment.

But there are things that can be told, and if you find yourself growing more excited as the days progress, give us (and the BATMAN filmmakers) a little of your trust. You just might be handsomely rewarded when the lights dim and the Batman logo comes up on the big screen next summer.

A longtime scooper has filled us in on many of the secrets left unaccounted about BATMAN: INTIMIDATION GAME (still the working title of the BATMAN project.) We trust this source, as they have told us many things in the past that we've reported on first, only to see them be officially announced elsewhere. And what they tell us about the new BATMAN movie gets our blood racing and wishing that the summer of 2005 were here already.

Here is what we can share with you at this time:

  • Dennis Quaid is "close" to being signed for the part of Jim Gordon, the Gotham City beat cop that will one day become police Commissioner. Gordon has an important role to play in the picture. One might even say that fate will deal him -- and subsequently the Dark Knight -- a card that sets the course for their future and that of Gotham City.

  • Cillian Murphy is playing The Scarecrow, but you already know that.

  • At present, the concept for this film's Batmobile is unlike the looks of Batman's wheels from the four earlier films. Instead, this incarnation of the Batmobile -- at least at this stage of development -- might look like it has more in common with the behemoth depicted in Frank Miller's legendary THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS comic book series. As our source tells us, "the Batmobile will be big and bulky, like an urban tank."

  • There is talk about changing the working title of the project to BATMAN BEGINS.

  • One of the film's major action scenes will take place inside a Tibetan palace and will not involve Batman -- but a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne. Much ass-kicking will take place inside that palace, and it will be upon the film's main villain, or more specifically, his henchmen.

  • When you see the way Goyer and Nolan choose to end their movie, you'll be wishing that the sequel will be coming out tomorrow. And that's all we'll say about that.

    As we said, the summer of 2005 now can't get here fast enough.

    [Our thanks to the source for conveying this and other items of interest, and our hopes that they will contact us again soon.]

    Got a scoop? Know something that you need to tell us about? Send it to us!


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