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SCOOP: FANTASTIC FOUR in actor's future?

Scooper tells us fantastic news

By Patrick Sauriol     May 11, 2004
Source: Anonymous

Cliff Curtis plays Colombian terrorist The Wolf in COLLATERAL DAMAGE
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The internet. It's both a powerful tool for pushing the frontier of human civilization and communication ahead as well as a means to give ulcers to producers and studio executives working in Hollywood. Better grab the Tums fellas, we've got another scoop to break to the masses.

It's no secret that casting is happening right now on Fox's big-screen FANTASTIC FOUR film, and that announcements could happen any day now. That said, we've been scooped that one of the tryouts for a role in FF has been Cliff Curtis, the Maori New Zealand actor who apppeared in RUNAWAY JURY, WHALE RIDER, THREE KINGS, BLOW, DEEP RISING and VIRUS; he also played Arnold Schwarzenegger's nemesis in COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Our tipster told us that Curtis came in to the Fox Studios lot last Friday, May 7, and did his thing. As for what part Curtis tried out for...well, that our scooper wasn't so sure on (but we're pretty certain it wasn't for The Invisible Woman.)


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