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SCOOP: FANTASTIC trailer confirmed

The trailer for FANTASTIC FOUR will be playing in theaters in less than two weeks

By Patrick Sauriol     January 02, 2005
Source: Name withheld

The FANTASTIC FOUR production prepares to film a street scene involving a sculpture of The Thing.
© Corona's Coming Attractions / Cinescape
Thanks to the efforts of a well-placed and trusted source, we have been able to learn that the trailer for 20th Century Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR movie will ship with prints of ELEKTRA, due out in theaters on January 14, 2005. While the placement of another Marvel movie trailer with ELEKTRA seems to be a no-brainer, confirmation of this didn't arrive until today.

Our source has also informed us that the trailer for FANTASTIC FOUR will be a teaser that will run one minute and 25 seconds in length. While nothing has been stated by Fox, we're guessing that the FF trailer will find its way onto the internet shortly before January 14 arrives.

[Special thanks to our cosmic-powered friend toiling in the trenches.]

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