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SCOOP: FEVER PITCH at the World Series

New Farrelly brothers movie films ending at last night's celebration

By Patrick Sauriol     October 28, 2004
Source: Jose Fernandez, The Boston Herald

Directors Bobby Farrelly (left) and Peter Farrelly flank Jack Black on the set of SHALLOW HAL
© 20th Century Fox
Were you watching the final game of the World Series last night on television? After the Boston Red Sox had emerged as the series victors and players, reporters and fans were rushing on the field to celebrate, did you happen to catch sight of Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon also celebrating out there? If you were thinking that your eyes were playing a trick on you, wonder no more:

"I don't know if you're already writing about this, but while I watched the telecast of last night's World Series Game 4, during the
celebration, the network cameras cut to Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore kissing during the players infield celebration.

"Now, I thought 'How cute?', but then I remembered Fallon mentioning in a previous game of the World Series, during a live interview, that he was filming an adaptation of Nick Hornby's FEVER PITCH, directed by the Farrely Bros. replacing the novel's 'London Arsenal Fan' with a 'Boston Red Sox Fan'. Since I didn't know Drew Barrymore was in the picture, I was kind of surprised that they would be dating, but thinking about it, I got suspicious and decided to Google the whole affair.

"In the end, I figured that maybe the Farrely's thought it might be handy to have a film crew on hand, just in case the Red Sox won to have an impossibly perfect background in which to film their movie's

"If you know this already and are cracking the case, cool. If not, it would be interesting to look into it anyways and see if any fans who
where physically present at Busch Stadium saw if filming was indeed going on while the Sox were celebrating. With what that team went through during this post-season, it wouldn't suprise me that the Farrely's movie has since been bumped a notch or two up the Studio's
priorities list."

[Reader Jose Fernandez is curious, and we don't blame him.]

Turns out that Jose was right on the money. The Farrelly brothers were indeed filming a scene FEVER PITCH last night and were using Fallon and Barrymore for the film's happy ending. Today's Boston Herald newspaper confirms the presence of the stars and the camera crew at last night's game, and the good news is that now the Farrellys won't have to change the movie's ending after all; according to the Herald they were in the middle of performing a script rewrite to reflect the Sox losing the World Series. After all, who would have thunk it that the curse would be broken and a Hollywood movie would have been there to capture part of it?

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