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SCOOP: From Hobbits to cannibals?

Who's Elijah Wood playing in SIN CITY?

By Patrick Sauriol     April 29, 2004
Source: Anonymous, The Internet Movie Database, Always & Forever

Elijah Wood is Frodo Baggins in THE TWO TOWERS.
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A scooper out in the void of cyberspace contacted the site yesterday and gave us two links to check out which, if their facts are straight, tell us which character Elijah Wood is playing in Robert Rodriguez's SIN CITY film. Upon first hearing the news, Wood, who is coming off of playing the Hobbit Frodo in Peter Jackson's THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy of movies, would seem an odd choice for this particular SIN CITY character -- but that's not to say he wouldn't make things interesting to watch.

First up, The Internet Movie Database lists Wood as playing the part of "Kevin" in the film. The only Kevin that we remember from Frank Miller's SIN CITY graphic novels is a vicious killer of women, a mute who is deadly in close combat and a lunatic that also eats the bodies of his victims. Kevin was introduced in Miller's first SIN CITY book and is an adversary of Marv, the rough-and-tumble brawler at the center of that particular story.

The unconfirmed piece of speculation is also being bandied about by one Elijah Wood fansite, namely Always & Forever.

Casting information from SIN CITY has been hard to obtain and confirm, leading to speculation. If the IMDb's source is correct and Wood is playing Kevin in Rodriguez's film, it's going to be an interesting part to see the young actor make his own.

[Thanks to anonymous for the tip!]

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