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SCOOP: Inside word on the next HARRY POTTER book?

Could Harry's next book be out by the end of September?

By Patrick Sauriol     May 05, 2004
Source: Anonymous

J. K. Rowling, creator of the HARRY POTTER books, in a 1999 CNN appearance
In the world of anonymous scoops you've got to learn to keep an open mind. Sometimes a person will send inside information and wish to remain unknown because of concerns that they have for their job. Even though we keep the identity of all senders completely confidential, some people are still scared to reveal who they are or give us additional information that can confirm that they are in a position where such knowledge can be attained. When that happens we try our best to dig up corroborating news to see if what the scooper is saying to us matches up with what others know.

Our latest scooper claims to have an inside connection to a publishing company located in America (the name of which we will keep confidential to ensure that we know wo our scooper is.) According to the scooper, a notice was sent to all book publishers that print J.K. Rowling's HARRY POTTER novels stating that "they needed to be prepared to print copies of the next HP book by no later than September 8, 2004." The source said that the title for the sixth POTTER book was not mentioned in the communication, just that the deadline would be in September and that "the artwork for the covers was going over final approval from the publisher and would be sent in August."

Rowling has stated that she is writing HARRY POTTER VI but has never once mentioned when it might be ready for publication. If this scoop is accurate, Rowling's publishers know of a tentative release date and are informing their printing/distriubution partners that it's coming soon. Here's a bit of additional speculation for you to consider: remember that Rowling's last book, HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, was released on June 21, 2003 -- the summer solstice. Could she be mulling a release of HARRY POTTER VI on the autumn equinox which falls on September 22 this year? It does seem possible if indeed the presses need to be printing copies of the novel by September 8 as our scooper told us.

[Anonymous in hardcover.]

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