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SCOOP: Michael Bay's remake of HALLOWEEN?


By Patrick Sauriol     November 05, 2003
Source: Name withheld

Michael Myers loves Halloween.
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As announced earlier this week, Michael Bay's production company Platinum Dunes struck a deal with Dimension Films to develop and produce films for that studio. According to the trade stories, the first slate of Platinum projects being developed will be priced at about $15 million dollars each, and that the production firm is already considering several of Dimension's properties.

Which leads us to what one of our industry insiders had to tell us. Our source is well-known and has scooped us news items that we broke first before we saw them appear in the trades.

According to this source, one of the franchises that has been mentioned as a possible project for Platinum Dunes is a remake of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN. Yes, really. "Remake" as in the latest THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, which was Platinum's, and the remake of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR that the company has going on over at MGM right now.

Now before going any further, let us say that our source wasn't sure if Bay or anyone from Platinum is taking this idea seriously, or even if they've been presented the notion of remaking HALLOWEEN for a 21st century audience. All that our source knows for certain is that there has been a mention within Dimension that this could be a possible endeavor for Platinum to take on -- day-dreaming, one might say. Maybe it won't get farther than the gleam-in-the-exec's-eye phase; maybe Bay or one of the other Platinum owners will nix the idea, or maybe Platinum will commit to another Dimension project before considering a HALLOWEEN remake.

Nevertheless, someone has said it within the walls of Dimension Films. Would it have the blessing of Moustapha Akkad, the rights holder to the HALLOWEEN franchise? The last anyone heard was that plans were being drawn up for a HALLOWEEN 9. The official HALLOWEEN website makes no mention of any remake at all of the original film.

After the box office success of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, would Platinum Dunes contemplate taking on a new HALLOWEEN? The idea itself screams controversy, and fans of Michael Myers number greater than those of Leatherface...but it hasn't stopped Hollywood before.

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