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Our source returns to tell us more

By Patrick Sauriol     February 18, 2004
Source: Anonymous

The fate of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE still remains unknown. Unfortunately for fans of the UPN series, the news that is both coming through official and unofficial channels isn't good.

First, let's look at what the facts are. Last week CBS chairman Leslie Moonves (who also oversees the United Paramount Network) answered some questions from the press that sent a chill down the spines of Trekkers. Moonves told the media that, while UPN had been issuing orders for new series for the network's fall schedule, a decision on whether a fourth season of ENTERPRISE would happen wouldn't still be made for a number of months and likely would happen in April.

"So it's not like, 'Gee, if ENTERPRISE is up 10 percent between now and May, it will get picked up,'" Moonves was quoted as saying. "It's rather - you know, it's not a science, but it's, 'All right. How do we build Wednesday better?' 'Does it include ENTERPRISE?' Very possibly. 'Does it not?' Possibly as well."

And this is where our ENTERPRISE source returns to tell us their latest information. Again, as with the previous two reports from this scooper we cannot guarantee what they are telling us is indeed going on -- but they did reveal to us the uncertainty of ENTERPRISE's future, as well as a shortened third season, before the news broke in full.

According to this source, ENTERPRISE star Scott Bakula recently had a "secret meeting" with Garry Hart, President of Paramount Television Productions. As we reported last month in the second report from our scooper, Hart is reportedly in the corner of the struggling TREK series and trying to actively find a way for the show to avoid the executioner's blade. At the time our source told us that Hart may be waiting until after February sweeps to see how the show performs in the ratings and then possibly announce a change in ENTERPRISE's production staff. It may be that producer Rick Berman, the captain of the franchise since the death of Gene Roddenberry in 1991, may be shown the door.

Our source states that Hart met with Bakula and a discussion about "the future leadership and direction of the show" was held. Notably absent from the meeting was Berman. "As I mentioned previously, although there had been talk of replacing Mr. Berman, there was no mention of his possible replacement," our source says. "Hart may now be working with Bakula to put a new production staff in place to save ENTERPRISE."

Again, it must be addressed that our source is choosing to not reveal their identity, so we cannot give any further weight to the validity of what they are telling us. Nevertheless, the tone of the statements coming from UPN and CBS executives are, at least on the surface, matching up with the air of doom and gloom that our scooper has been telling us all along. In short, we can't give the stamp of approval to what our scooper is saying because we weren't there. What we are saying is that where there is smoke there sometimes is fire. Was there a meeting between Garry Hart and Scott Bakula talking about the future of ENTERPRISE? Is there a plan for a creative shakeup to save ENTERPRISE from cancellation? And will more of what our source is telling us be confirmed -- or proven to be false -- in the days to follow?

It's certainly a cliffhanger, but the final answer to all these questions should be known before the conclusion of ENTERPRISE's third season. For now, keep an open mind and we will keep you informed if more information is relayed by this source.

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