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SCOOP: More info about SPIDER-MAN 2 reshoots

By Patrick Sauriol     January 02, 2004
Source: Anonymous

It looks like our earlier scoop about supposed reshoots to a climactic bridge scene for SPIDER-MAN 2 spurred another anonymous scooper to send forth their side of the story. Here's what that person had to say to us:

"Just wanted to fill you in that the 'reshoots' over at Sony this week were not actually reshoots of any kind. They were actually miniture work, which will be used for post-production purposes. Inside Stage 30, over at Sony Studios, the crew has built a scale replication of the bridge/dock that was built months ago for the actual finale. A blue-screen background covered up the exterior,
while the stage was filled with water to provide the appropiate effect.

A series of shots were also compiled of Doc Ock's mechanical arms
(basically the crew was filming the animatronic arms in various positions against a blue screen). Sony really is going all out for this one, though!"


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