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SCOOP: A new name mentioned for BATMAN: INTIMIDATION GAME

Here's a hint: he's a tall fellow, and he's played a superhero before.

By Patrick Sauriol     February 10, 2004
Source: Anonymous

While director Christopher Nolan continues to gather together the pieces for his next film, BATMAN: INTIMIDATION GAME, and prepares for a spring start to filming, we've received word from a trustworthy source that there is a new actor circling for a possible BATMAN role. While the actor in question has never been mentioned before in any of the BATMAN casting speculation heard so far, our source insists that they are "very likely" connected to the film now. Our source just doesn't know what role the actor is playing in the picture.

According to the source, the actor that seems to now be involved in the cast of BATMAN: INTIMIDATION GAME is Liam Neeson. A star of numerous films over the past two decades, Neeson's best known for playing Oscar Schindler in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning film SCHINDLER'S LIST. Genre fans will also know him as the bearded Jedi Master of young Obi-Wan Kenobi in STAR WARS, EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE. He even played a superhero that echoed elements of DC's Dark Knight in Sam Raimi's 1990 film DARKMAN.

Again, our source doesn't know which role Neeson would be (or is) playing in Nolan's BATMAN picture. If we were to speculate on possibilities, Neeson could be playing Captain Jim Gordon, the future Commissioner of Police of Gotham City...or he could just as easily be R'as al Ghul, the whispered main villain of the movie. Or maybe it's some other character that we haven't heard of yet. All we know at this time is that Neeson is either already in the cast of BATMAN or he's teetering on the cusp of being in that film's roster of talent. We'll know shortly which one it is.

[Special thanks to anonymous with the info.]

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