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SCOOP: SPIDER-MAN stars signed for three films?

And what's this about the Man-Wolf?

By Patrick Sauriol     January 14, 2004
Source: Anonymous

Submitted for your approval this Wednesday morning: an Australian reader of the Sunday Telegraph found a story in the newspaper concerning SPIDER-MAN 2. What caught the attention of the scooper were the three photos accompaning the story as well as two statements that they hadn't seen mentioned anywhere else about the film.

The three photos consist of a shot of Spidey swinging thorugh the city, a profile shot of Doctor Octopus and his "arms", and one of Peter and Mary Jane walking and talking on a city street. The article also stated that SPIDER-MAN 2 is part of a trilogy of films and that the stars have signed on for another sequel, and that, and we quote what the scooper sent to us, "...audiences can look forward to a vision of the Man-Wolf, an astronaut who mutates into a creature after handling some moon rock during a space expedition."

A quick check of the online Telegraph website and we could find no mention of this SPIDER-MAN 2 article or of the photos, so we put a call out to our Australian readers: did you see this article in this past Sunday's Telegraph or are we being had?

[Anonymous down under.]

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