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SCOOP: Is there a SCREAM 4 being asked for?

Scooper claims that the sequel idea is being advanced at Miramax but without Wes Craven

By Patrick Sauriol     October 13, 2004
Source: Anonymous

Ghostface from the SCREAM films
© Dimension Films
Could there be a sequel to the popular SCREAM trilogy in the works already? According to our latest scooper the answer to that question is...of course there is!

Contacting us yesterday, the individual explained how they came by this information (which we're keeping confidential for fear of reprisal to the original source.) According to them, Miramax and its specialty offshoot Dimension Films are developing a number of ideas for possible fruition, some of which are original works while others could be sequels to past Miramax/Dimension films. "As you probably already know, they're doing a lot of 'em. Lots direct to DVD. And it looks like there is more on the way," wrote our scooper before plunging on to the meat of the matter.

"There's talk of a new SCREAM movie, heralded by producer Cath Konrad, that's supposed to get into gear next year sometime," they add. "What upset me was hearing that it wouldn't be a Kevin Williamson - Wes Craven film. It'll be penned and no doubt directed by some other unnamed hack. OK, so as far as [X] knows, it'll have the original cast in it - but who cares if it isn't Craven?! I think they've been thinking about doing another one for a couple of years and have seen a good bunch of treatments...

"And why isn't Williamson involved? He's apparently turned his attention to simply producing stuff. They've put him on another project called BACKWATERS, which is a voodoo-thriller starring unknowns."

[Name withheld likes scary movies.]

The news that Williamson is a producer on the new BACKWATER horror movie was announced late last week, so that part of our scooper's claims pans out. As for the name of the producer they mentioned, Cathy Konrad was one of the producers involved with all three SCREAM films, so the possibility is there. But what's this about a number of treatments for a new SCREAM kicking around the Miramax offices? That's the first we've heard of any actual work -- even something as threadbare as a treatment -- being done for a fourth SCREAM film. And would Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette all return for a sequel, especially if it went direct-to-video?

Two years ago this month SCREAM 3 screenwriter Ehren Kruger told us "To the best of my knowledge there is no [SCREAM 4]." Of course, in the land of Hollywood no one should say that the door is ever truly closed for any franchise -- ever.

Just remember, if the scoop ever leaps out of rumorland, you heard it here first.

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