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SCOOP: WATCHMEN possible casting, RAINBOW SIX speculating, Will Ferrell stooging and lots more

Eleven scoops from one person and our own take on each of them

By Patrick Sauriol     February 04, 2004
Source: "The Jerk"

As promised yesterday, we're publishing the eleven scoops that an individual codenamed "The Jerk" sent to us this past weekend. As we present each of the eleven scoops, we'll make comments on what we've been able to research from the facts known and what remains speculation for the moment. It's a big, fat juicy bunch of movie gossip that we'd love to confirm or deny, but a couple of things that the source told us have been heard, and in one case, before we could print their scoop.

As always, a word of caution: these are speculative scoops and not confirmed facts, and as such, you should file them in your mental database that way until a secondary source can be attributed to them.

Ready? Here we go!

    SCOOP 1: "John Woo is directing Tom Clancy's RAINBOW SIX."

Woo has been developing a RAINBOW SIX movie for about a year now. A script is complete but the director hasn't made an announcement that he wants to do RAINBOW as his next film. The last we heard, Woo will be directing the pilot for a new LOST IN SPACE TV series later this spring.

    SCOOP 2: "Will Ferrell is playing Moe in THE THREE STOOGES and playing the coach in a little league soccer movie."

The presently untitled soccer movie is real and in development at Universal Pictures. Word first broke of that project in December of last year.

We know that there's a THREE STOOGES movie idea floating around somewhere out there, but this is the first we've heard Ferrell's name associated to it.

    SCOOP 3: "Liev Schrieber is directing EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATING."

We haven't heard of this project before its mention in this scoop.

    SCOOP 4: "Gus Van Sant is directing CROWDED ROOM, the true story of a schizophrenic's life."

THE CROWDED ROOM has been in development hell for over a decade with filmmakers coming and going on it. Van Sant isn't listed as attached as filmmaker on any of the reports we've seen.

    SCOOP 5: "Johnny Knoxville and Hugh Grant may be buddy-partnered in the new Shane Black, YOU'LL NEVER DIE IN THIS TOWN AGAIN."

As reported yesterday. Still the first we've heard of Grant's name being linked to this project.

    SCOOP 6: "Robert Zemeckis is directing the FIRMATA, about a man who can stop time."

The title of the project sounds familiar but we couldn't turn up anything about it on the web.

    SCOOP 7: "Michael Douglas and DMX in a remake THE MECHANIC."

This is the first we've heard of this one.


Law was first linked to play Josef Kavalier back in June 2002 but nothing ever materialized from that rumor. The project, based on novelist Michael Chabon's novel, has been in development for at least two years with producer Scott Rudin. It still appears to be in development hell.

    SCOOP 9: "Ethan Hawke starring as a cop again in the remake of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13."

First mentioned by Dark Horizons on January 15. It would be interesting casting choice if it's true.

    SCOOP 10: "Nicole Kidman in Danny Boyle's SOLOMON GRUNDY, about a man who lives an entire life in a week's time."

There is a SOLOMON GRUNDY movie project in development at Miramax, but we haven't heard anything about this Boyle movie project since 2002. At that time the word was the 28 DAYS LATER director would make it his next film. There were reports that Adam Sandler was in talks to star in the film but that never seemed to get ironed out. This is the first mention of Nicole Kidman's involvement that we've heard.

    SCOOP 11: "And, in the WATCHMEN, Sigourney Weaver as the Silk Spectre. Daniel Craig as Rorschach."

Some months back there were rumors that casting ideas for the WATCHMEN movie were being tossed around, including the intriguing idea of casting John Cusack as The Nite Owl. This is the first rumor we've heard mentioning either Weaver or Craig specifically.

Our scooper added that the role Weaver would play would be the older version of Silk Spectre (the younger Spectre is her daughter and wife of Dr. Manhattan.) Craig played Alex West in the first TOMB RAIDER film and also had roles in ROAD TO PERDITION, ELIZABETH and THE ICE HOUSE.

We will continue to try and track down more information about each of these scoops and report the news back to you. For the moment, if you've heard anything about any of these projects or have anything to add to the rumor pile, send us email. All of your emails are confidential. If you want two-way communication, don't forget to include an email address where you can be reached.

["The Jerk" bears no resemblence to the Steve Martin movie of the same name, but he's still a wild and crazy guy.]

Got a scoop? Know something that you need to tell us about? Send it to us!


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