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SCOOP: What's attached with UNDERWORLD?

Find out what our source has to say!

By Patrick Sauriol     September 02, 2003

Jill Valentine prowls in the dark in RESIDENT EVIL APOCALPYSE.
© Inside Resident
In the interests of brevity, let's keep this scoop short and to the point:

First, it comes from someone who's told you plenty of things in the past and they've turned out to be true. They just don't want their boss to know who they are and who they're talking with.

Second, they tell us that the first trailer for RESIDENT EVIL 2 will debut with UNDERWORLD. Makes sense, doesn't it? They're both Screen Gems pictures.

Third, the plan right now is to attach the trailer for SPIDER-MAN 2 to THE MISSING, Ron Howard's period thriller set for release in December. Both are Sony films. Posters should also start popping up in theater lobbies in this month.

Finally, there will be a trailer for HELLBOY seen sometime in October. But which film will it run with? No one's sure of that just yet.

Just to give you some peace of mind: this spy was also the first to tell us about the re-release of Ridley Scott's ALIEN well before anyone else knew of it.

[We're going to start calling this guy the 'Magic 8-Ball'.]

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