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SCOOP: Is WOLVERINE in his future?

We know the name of at least one director that could become the helmer of the WOLVERINE movie

By Patrick Sauriol     December 06, 2004
Source: Anonymous

Star Kate Beckinsale and finance Len Wiseman at the premiere of Van Helsing copyright Sue Schneider
© 2004 Sue Schneider
Now that we've heard the word that TROY screenwriter David Benioff has been hired to write a screenplay for a proposed WOLVERINE spinoff movie, the search for a director must be on behind the closed executive doors at 20th Century Fox. Unlike the aftermath of Bryan Singer's exit as the helmer of X-MEN 3, which has led to ever-growing buzz about possible contenders for the job (among them BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER's Joss Whedon, ELEKTRA's Rob Bowman and I, ROBOT's Alex Proyas), there hasn't been any rumblings about any candidates for the job to direct the WOLVERINE flick.

Until today.

We've heard from a trustworthy source that UNDERWORLD director Len Wiseman has been approached about directing the WOLVERINE movie. How long ago Wiseman was offered the job, whether he's the only director being offered the gig and what his answer was (or even if one has been given by Wiseman) all remain unknown. All we know is that he's been asked.

Wiseman may not have had time to give an answer anyway; he's currently working on UNDERWORLD 2, the sequel to last year's werewolves versus vampires rumble that starred Wiseman's wife, actress Kate Beckinsale. Filming on UW2 isn't scheduled to end until March 24 next year, which should give Benioff plenty of time to work on the script should Wiseman accept the job.

[Name withheld.]

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