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Scott Bakula Talks ENTERPRISE

Series star explains why he signed on board the coming program.

By Frank Kurtz     August 21, 2001

The crew of ENTERPRISE
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Scott Bakula has been talking, again, about why he signed on board ENTERPRISE. In a video segment posted online at, Bakula talks about why he took on the series, saying, "It was a big decision to make. When I first heard the premise, I was very excited, because I'm a fan of the show and the idea of being the first captain on the first ship was very exciting to me. I wanted to read the script."

He adds, "The only possible negative was that the show's been around a long time and can you find the life and the vitality and the excitement. And if it had been a series that continued where VOYAGER had left off, I doubt that I would have done it. But because it was an opportunity to recreate and make it 'our own,' without a lot of rules set in place that we had to obey, that was very exciting."

You can see the actor say all this for himself by clicking on the source link above and following directions.


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