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mikemc2 6/1/2010 3:52:31 AM

Have no interest at all in Scott Pilgrim, Walking Dead or Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (never heard of any of these), but I wish them luck.

Cap's costume description worries me alittle, from the description they seem to be steering clear of the iconic character look for "realism".  I will take a wait and see approach to it.  I would really like to see Cap from the comics on the big screen and not just another re-hash that only resembles the character in name only.

Thor's Destroyer character, while it's awsumn that this character will be in the movie, we have already sceen this on an earlier C2F posting.  Ready to see other characters now.

And yeah, Iron Man2 was awsumn.

Wiseguy 6/1/2010 6:03:56 AM

I'm still optimistic about Cap and THOR. I think they'll both rock big time. Cap's costume seems to make sense to me. I'd rather stick to the comic book but I'll settle for this especially if they make the appropriate changes in The Avengers since then the costume is a metaphor and doesn't need to be "war practical"

gauleyboy420 6/1/2010 6:59:18 AM

Agree with Wiseguy on Cap.


IF any of you haven't heard of (or read ) Walking Dead, Do yourself a favor check it out from your library, borrow it from a friend, or go out and buy it! It's the best comic on the shelves for 5 years now, and the best zombie story ever told.

fft5305 6/1/2010 2:18:36 PM

Oh, and welcome back Gauley!

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