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goldeneyez 11/22/2010 5:32:36 AM

I loved the movie & got the Blu-ray/DVD combo edition.  I read the comics after seeing the movie in theaters, and the comic is better just in how they handled why Ramona left, but I still loved both.  In the movie, however, it really seemed thematically that Scott should have ended up with Knives, and that alternate ending kind of showed that.  I guess it was before the author of the comic was done with the series, however, so they changed it for the movie.

The comic made the characters a bit more believable and relatable too.  Ramona didn't come off as bad in it as she did in the movie... anyway, the movie was great.  To the haters... one man's trash.

karas1 11/23/2010 5:20:23 AM

I saw the film and liked it very much.  I've never seen Cera in another film so his schtick isn't old for me.  I thought he did a fine job.

I thought it was an excellent videogame fantasy and I loved that Scott outsmarted his opponents as often as he out faught them.

I could see why Knives was attracted to him.  She led the restricted life of a child and she saw a dashing older man, someone who did something exciting like playing in a band.  I could see the attraction he held for Ramona.  He was gentle and kind and was willing to court her rather than trying to own her like her previous exes.

I thought the film was very creative and used the videogame imagry as a metaphor for how boring and empty Scott's life was that he had to jazz it up with these silly fantasies.

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