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By Rob M. Worley     May 14, 2009
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Comics2Film: SCOTT PILGRIM's Demon Band
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Edgar Wright reveals 'Scott Pilgrim' band. PLUS: 'Iron Man 2' set report. 'Spider-Man 4' script report. 'Comic Book Confidential' reports to iTunes and more! Cannot connect to database: it's your Comics2Film 9.5.14!



Fox and Blue Sky in Rio...where's ANUBIS?

Animation Magazine reports that Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios have selected 'Rio' as their next 3D, CGI animated feature film.

Brazilian-born Carlos Saldanha ('Ice Age: The Meltdown') is set to direct the film about a macaw from Minnesota who flies down to his homeland of Rio de Janeiro.

That's all good and well, but we were really hoping for the adaptation of comic creator Bruce Zick's fine kids novel 'The Anubis Tapestry' published by the comics-to-novel collective at Actionopolis. The project was announced last year, but it's unclear how far along it may be.



SPIDER-MAN 4 script in three weeks?

Sam Raimi apparently told fans at the recent press day for 'Drag Me to Hell' that he'll be reading the first draft of 'Spider-Man 4' very soon. quotes Raimi as saying, "I've just started working on the next installment of the [Spider-Man] series. David Lindsay-Abaire is in New York right now writing the screenplay and I am going to receive a draft of it in about 3 weeks I think."

What do you think, Maniacs? Who will the villains be? What will prompt Spider-Man to take his mask off in mid-battle this time? Post your comments below...




The acclaimed documentary 'Comic Book Confidential' is enjoying new life  on iTunes.

The 1988 film won a Genie award and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. It provides a fascinating look at twenty-two of the most significant artists and writers working in comic books, graphic novels and strip-art in North America at the tim. 

Stan Lee and Robert Crumb are among the comics pioneers profile. The film also looks into the "Seduction of Innocents" scare of the 1950s and the resulting congressional hearings that damaged the art form for decades.

If you've never seen it, you can purchase the excellent 85 minute feature from iTunes today!



SCOTT PILGRIM's Demonic Band

Edgar Wright continues to roll out cool photo teases for the currently-filming 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' at his personal website. Some cool ones popped up yesterday profiling music store artwork for the film's band (and Pilgrim rivals) Clash at Demonhead.

Clash is fronted by Envy Adams (played by Brie Larson), one of Scott's ex girlfriends. Envy is hooked up with her bass guitarist Todd Ingram (he's the blond-haired emo on the right in the images, played by Superman Brandon Routh). Ingram is, in turn, one of Ramona Flowers' ex-boyfriends that Scott has to defeat during his cinematic quest.

Check 'em out:

CD Artwork for the band CLash at Demonhead on the set of SCOTT PILGRIM

Artwork promoting the band Clash At Demonhead hangs on the set of SCOTT PILGRIM




and now for another installment of

Jon Favreau Tweets about IRON MAN 2 (followed by an interesting set report)

Only one thing new on the Favsy Tweet Line today:

# Leaving Edwards Air Force Base. Heading back to LA to finish out the week. My awesome crew worked their butts off. We got some great stuff. 10pm May 13

So, the director isn't lavishing any details on us. It's a good thing that Coming Attractions had a man on the base observing the proceedings who filed this semi-spoilery report. We're putting it in white text to protect the innocent. Swipe it with the mouse if you want to read it.

"2nd unit filming today, so I didn't get to work with the main characters, but they were there today. I worked with Sam Rockwell filming a scene with a combat drone he develops. Sam is a great actor and funny as can be when he's improvising. I hope some of this stuff shows up on the Blu Ray."

Very interesting!

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


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fuckyoumania 5/14/2009 10:29:15 AM

I am REALLY excited for Scott Pilgrim and that cover art is just too awesome. She looks EXACTLY like Envy. I wish it would be finished already!


As far as Spider-Man 4 is concerned, I said it best on my blog in the article "How to Make Spider-Man 4 Not Suck."

ChadDerdowski 5/14/2009 10:46:11 AM

Yeah, that Clash at Demonhead artwork looks freakin' AMAAAAAAZING.  I was already really excited but that just turns it up to eleven.

You said it, Rob: "What will prompt Spidey to take his mask off mid-battle this time?"  Uggggh.  It's weird - I find myself willing to let a lot of stuff slide in a superhero movie as far as costumes, continuity and characterization goes, but that's just so appalling to me.  I understand Toby Maguire gets paid a lot of money to act in these films and the studio heads want to make sure he gets his face time but here's an idea: How about acting like Spider-Man?!?!  We know who Toby is.  We know what Toby looks like.  He also plays Peter Parker.  I don't pay money to see a maskless Spider-Man shoehorned into every movie... just keep the damn mask on.

Okay, I'll step off my soapbox now.

violator14 5/14/2009 1:44:30 PM


Wiseguy 5/14/2009 2:53:45 PM

Ditto that VIOlator. I'm DYING to know who the baddies are going to be.  Crossing my fingers for Kraven and Lizard

Gotta be honest, haven't and don't plan reading Scott Pilgrim and just can't get that excited about it. But maybe if it turns out well Marvel will finally greenlight that Ant-Man film Wright was rumored to have a script for.

AVATAR's first trailer is rumored to be attached to Transformers 2, here's hoping it's true. My anticipation for Avatar is growing by leaps and bounds since Wolverine. All other films are a sidenote to me right now.

jfdavis 5/14/2009 8:11:28 PM

As long as it's not Carnage, as that would just be too lame PG-13, I'm open...

BlindJustice 5/16/2009 11:17:03 PM

Lizard /Kraven has got to be the way they go. After teasing us with Doc Conners for so long and the too busy S3 they have to do something to appease the masses.


I'm hoping Ant-man gets a cameo in IM2 and some screen time in the Avengers, that way when they do the movie people can say...."he was the dude in the Avengers"



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